XXL: Longer lashes – More is more is more

By Jo Phillips

The holy grail for most females this year appears to be obtaining the longest of lashes, so the .Cent team has been trialling a number of eyelash growth accelerators in a Pre-New Year’s last ditch attempt to see if we too can achieve XXL lashes.

Here’s what we’ve been using over the past 3 weeks;
More is more lashes

Style and Fashion guru Donna gives her thoughts on Rapidlash – infused with hexaten and panthenol amongst other peptides, and found it to noticeably help “strengthen and give a glossy finish to her eyelashes after a couple of weeks.”

Fashion assistant Annabel opted for Talika Lipocils Expert and here’s what she said about it: “Application is super easy because of the mascara style wand, and I have noticed a difference after a week of use; and was very pleasantly surprised! My eyelashes are much longer and slightly thicker. I’d give this product a solid 3.5/5”

Creative Director Jo has been using Elizabeth Arden’s ‘Prevage’ lash growth serum with triple peptide complex and found it to be really easy to use during the trial, as well as a difference to the length and condition of her lashes.

Deputy Ed Carrie has been using newcomer Peptalash and has seen a slight difference in her lashes, but agreed they are more noticeably darker after using daily for 3 weeks.

Beauty Ed Alexis tried out M2 Beaute serum and noticed a big difference in the length and strength after 4 days. “Pretty easy to use; just apply like a liquid liner on cleansed skin, right along the roots of the lashes and leave overnight. They just feel so much healthier and stronger.”

Molly from the Editorial team was using market newcomer Xlash: “It dries quickly, so I was able to use it in the morning before I put my make up on when it was most convenient for me to do so. In terms of whether it worked, I was sceptical at first but I think it definitely has had some effect. My eyelashes used to fall out a lot onto my face but I haven’t found that nearly at all in the last few days, and my mascara goes on easier and makes my lashes look longer and much more defined than before.”

Peptide and botanical based Revitalash serum was given a chance by Artworker Zosia. She said: “This appears to have really helped lengthen my lashes – I’ve used it every day without fail. The thin brush has helped me get to the roots easily.”

NB: As with any eye product you must stop use immediately if you experience any irritation, or apply incorrectly (in the waterline for example). However, these serums really do seem to be XXL-ing in their acceleration. Bring on the New Year’s celebrations.

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