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By Mingye Zhu

Although the spring hasn’t fully shown her face along with the gentle warm wind and rays of sunlight through tree branches, the feeling is certainly awakening within us all. It’s finally time to get rid of the heavy coat and struggle out of the cumbersome boots, and welcome spring by sprucing up. After such a long time stuck at home, we know the world will start to open up certainly in some places so we may now want to regain our love of fashion a little bit. Handbags, as a pivotal element of an outfit, worthy of our attention, so Alexander McQueen’s new curve Bag could be a lovely choice. 

Each season the big internationally renowned fashion houses will create a new bag shape, a style that will somehow sum up so much of what their season is about. Think colours, textured and shapes.

This season, Alexander McQueen provides the audience with their seasonal offering the new Curve Bag. From neutral tones to soft spring colours, via bright acid tones all the way to a classic black. 

The Curve is originally a bucket-shaped handbag, with the styling at the front however, this handbag demonstrates a new take on the bucket bag as only this label can.  The cross-over and stitched detailing adds an edgy modern signature to the classic form. The adjustable strap makes this leather luxury bag more functional to fit from day till night. 

Sometimes, you just find yourself in the mood to have a bag in extraordinary colour so think Lime green, hell pink and butter yellow as another facet to the sunshine of the day, while classic black, brown and white are maybe for your office days. 

At the end of March, it is such a nice thing to greet the crisp springtime with a freshly designed handbag on your shoulder. Also, keep an eye out for new prefall colours.

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