AZ Legacy

By Yasmin Ayture

Material is everything, not just in the respect of the clothes we wear but, also in how they are made when it comes to fashion. Where techniques can be applied such as eco dying and using eco-sustainable fabrics, this brings sustainability to an industry struggling to find its feet in a greener world. Indeed, AZ Factory is living, embodying a celestial commitment to the earth and to women. Read more in AZ Legacy.

After the sad recent loss of the enigmatic designer Alber Elbaz who started his clothing line the ‘dream factory’, his vision is being carried forward with two new product stories SuperTech-SuperChic and Free To. By nature, these lines break conventional boundaries between the universe and earth, women and power, and life and death.  

As it stands, the AZ Factory ranges from ‘switchwear pyjamas’ to hybrid footwear bridging the classic pointy-toe shoe with the sneaker. It extends further to jewellery and accessories aimed at invoking big smiles and the display of true emotion: monochromatic, clashes, bright and bold looks.

AZ Factory takes the inner into the visible world, with the breadth of their collection unafraid to move through all of life. Including flamboyant satin dresses and outlandish skirts as well as colour-block leggings and trousers, these are made for women whether they are in the supermarket, at work or on a date. In your mundane, undesirable as well as in your passionate, you are the same as the moving clouds on stormy and cloudless days. 

What is your place as a woman in a world where eternity exists? To be in control of your now and your forever at the same time. Through the Free To product story, messages of hope drive the artistic designs of the hoodies, tops, and sweatpants for women’s every day. It is by bridging the impossible that that the outlandish and the unimaginable is seen to already exist: the woman. SuperTech-Super Chic provides new high-tech nylon microfiber fabrics made from 3D knitting technology, giving the freedom to move and breathe at an extra-terrestrial pace.

High-tech is the fascinating, the potential promise of eternity we dare not ask for. With this vision, Alber Elbaz transcended activewear into high fashion, with the innovative SuperTech-SuperChic product story claiming the signature design ‘athletic couture’ . Items such as puff-sleeve dresses and polo collar designs can be found within this line, purposely providing full breathability and movement via their ergonomic designs. Here, every breath warrants the same dance of support and energy as the mania of the fastest race.  

It was the deep-rooted wish of Albert Elbaz that LGBTQ+ youth should be supported in their endeavour to love freely. AZ Factory giving a portion of proceeds to the It Gets Better Project to empower LGBTQ+ youth around the world is this message embodied. The link between AZ Factory and the support for acceptance and truth shows that we may pass, from matter to substance, but when the material we leave behind knows hope, it is both morality and eternity at once.

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