All That Glitters

By Sadie Andrew

The famous saying “all that glitters is not gold” means that not everything which looks precious turns out to be so. These items sparkle and shimmer with all the glamour of being truly golden, but surprisingly are not. They are, however, every bit as good. Read on to find out about some sparkly products here in All That Glitters.

Black and gold is a classic colour combination, and Swatch’s new sleek design, Checkpoint Golden, shines brightly for all those who want to be seen, catching the Christmas lights and showing off that glorious shimmer.

The watch features a gold-coloured dial in a 47mm watch head, combining bright components with bold ideas. It empowers those who dare to wear it, and you can buy one HERE.

Or how about these pearly sunglasses by Alexander McQueen? Elegant thin frames contrast with the studded detail to give the perfect combination between sophistication and daring. Have a look at their collection HERE.

These beautiful golden sunglasses from Dior are equally golden. The DiorStellaire1 sunglasses have a distinctive ample square shape and a lightweight feel. The white lacquer on the front highlights the thin rose gold finish and is enhanced by the almost flat tone on tone mirrored lenses. This colour is sold exclusively on and in Dior boutiques.

Not quite golden, these elegant silver shoes by Jimmy Choo send out an amazing sparkle. A true trophy pair, these Mary Jane pumps are dressed with crystals and pearls, set on a sensual high stiletto heel that perfectly complements the sharp point toe, and finished with a bejewelled arch strap that continues the decadent mood. You can take a look HERE.

These beautiful bowls by Adi Toch on the Crafted Collectable website are a perfect handmade Christmas gift, made even better as the Crafted Collectable gallery are making donations to Crisis Christmas. This charity supports homeless people on Christmas day and beyond, by giving them a place to stay, essential food and festive treats, health programmes and advice.

And finally, in the Christmas spirit, this Three Kings decoration set from Fortnum and Mason is made from mouth-blown glass and has been decorated lovingly by hand. Take a closer look at those glittering gold crowns on

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