By Jo Phillips

An outdoor stroll is more than just a nice pick-me-up. It can be a regenerative and relaxing exercise that boosts the mood and relieves anxiety, tension, and depression. Many health care providers offer “nature prescriptions” to their patients to get outside to help relieve a wide variety of medical conditions, from exhaustion after chemotherapy to obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Any time spent enjoying nature will help if you are dealing with depression or managing a medical condition. If you’ve been feeling stressed or worried lately, take a look at these de-stressing tips if you love the outdoors. Don’t automate your life away

Photo by Konevi from Pexels

Do some gardening

Whether you are ambitious enough to build a flower border along your entire driveway or only inspired enough to plant a single bush outside your front door, it will help you relax and reconnect with nature by spending time outside. Digging and watering are good exercise, and it is enjoyable to watch something you plant begin to grow with the feeling of achievement you receive. You will also contribute to the planet’s clean air and natural beautification.

Take a fishing day

Fishing is a wonderful way of disconnecting from life’s stresses and reconnecting with nature. It’s simply you, your boat, a companion or two (if you wish) and the open sea. You have the chance to sit under the warming sun, smell the fresh sea air, and truly give yourself time to reflect on what’s important in life. So why not head to your nearest fishing shop and gear yourself up with everything you’ll need for a fishing day when you need it the most.

Try nature photography

Get off Social media by going outside and taking some photos. Photography allows you to get a new view of the world around you, and that will keep your tension under control. Seek out image possibilities that feature and celebrate the goodness in the world. Each time you do it, seasonal and regional variations will make this a completely unique experience. Upload them to your device for a screensaver or wallpaper if you find any real photographic gems that will take you back to your peaceful time outside anytime you need it.

Take up dog walking

Petting and walking a dog can be a huge stress reliever, as it releases endorphins and oxytocin when you do so. Try taking your dog for a walk on a long nature trail and sit with them to relieve some of that stress. If you don’t have a dog, why not see if any neighbors need their dogs walking. Not only will it help you, but the dog will love it too!

Watch the sunrise or sunset

Finally, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as watching the sun rise or set, and you can do so from pretty much anywhere! Take a hike to the highest area around and sit peacefully while the sun rises and sets, and let all of your troubles melt away too. You could even take your camera for some incredible shots to show to family and friends!

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