Be Firm

By Jo Phillips

Firming skin care is the all vital element most women wish to use once past the initial glowing salad days of youth. Once the day-to-day trials and tribulations begin to show themselves with the slight drooping of the face, for many panic sets in. The moment we pass those youthful days of not having to worry, is the moment we notice we need to act and to act fast. So what is new in the world of firming skin treatments? Yes, they won’t help us to turn back to the giddy days of early 20 year old skin, but they can help firm up and bring a vital bit of help. Science is breaking into the deeply locked DNA in order to help us. Find out more in Be Firm, Here. Image Abi Perkins

Swiss technology is deeply imbued in the craft of watchmaking, and s a country is it known also for its exquisite chocolates because of its mountains where cattle can roam freely. However, not everyone knows it’s also been a centre of Valmont skincare since 1985. This company is a master in the world of anti-age treatments and skincare reconciling cutting-edge Swiss R&D and tradition that comes from their natural heritage.

Its unique expertise using Swiss cellular cosmetics with immediate, long-lasting results. Their source is in Switzerland’s pure and protected environment, the meeting of the subtle alliance of alpine ingredients and advanced scientific expertise.

In the early 1980s, Swiss biologists and cosmetologists went to work searching for the ultimate weapon to fight the external signs of aging by delving into the nucleus of the skin’s cells. The went to the very heart of a cell with a pentented procedure to extract two molecules with exceptional qualities, DNA and RNA. This concept Valmont refers to as cellulotherapy.

Cell therapy (as apposed to cellulotherapy) refers to placing new, healthy cells into the body to replace diseased or damaged ones, to modulate the function of the patient’s cells through expression of factors or direct interaction, or the removal of disease causing or dysfunctional cells using immune cells.

Cell therapy can be used to halt and reverse disease, restore damaged organs, and, ultimately, cure many life-threatening conditions has now become a realistic goal for scientists, who are working at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine. hence why Valmont refer to their technique as cellulotherapy

And so regarding DNA, a highly functional key molecule and part of our very make up. It works at the cellular level to control the synthesis of proteins (the process in which cells make proteins) in an organism.

In cosmetology, the whole secret of DNA lies in its structure. Its double helix structure lends it hydrating properties that are antioxidant, energizing and possessing exceptional powers of cell regeneration. The DNA used by Valmont is derived from the milt of wild Canadian salmon. A rapid extraction process leaves its molecular structure intact.

The science is important to get a grasp of the lastest collection of skincare from Valmount which is the V Firm collection.

FIRMNESS: A new ritual entirely dedicated to restoring skin firmness, a new offering for anyone suffering from sagging skin. The FIRMNESS line incorporates three high-performance products that rise to the dual challenge of comfort and sensoriality:

V-FIRM SERUM  is a rich and creamy sculpting serum that helps transform the skin by targeting sagging skin and re-plumping volumes. Strengthening the structure of the dermis, it restores the skin’s firmness and tones the face. The Peptide Cocktail, the Density Complex and the DNA/RNA duo in this ultra-concentrated treatment are further amplified by the action of milk protein, which helps stimulate product of molecules making up the dermal matrix.

V-FIRM CREAM An enveloping and comfortable cream to sheathe the skin in a sculpting veil. This transformational, voluptuous and comforting cream that unifies with the skin and infuses it with restorative and firming benefits. Re-densifying active ingredients work in synergy with plant-based squalane to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, fostering dermal density and epidermal harmony. From 28 days, the face reveals a younger appearance with sharper contours, thanks to regained elasticity.

V-FIRM EYE  An eye contour treatment featuring the phenomenal “honey gel” texture. This gourmet amber-hued balm actively combats sagging eyelids and under-eye creases. Hyaluronic acid coats the skin like a hydrating, tensing film, complementing the in-depth action of V-FIRM’s core formula (Peptide Cocktail, Density Complex and DNA/RNA duo). And for even greater comfort, the DNA used here takes the form of a liposome, its lipidic envelope merging with and strengthening cell membranes.  With each application, the gaze opens, banishing fatigue and revealing a vibrant glow of youthfulness.

V-FIRM is available at and Harrods in-store and online

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