Bold: En Vie – Alive

By Jo Phillips

1 Central Saint Martins et ENSCI, Fabrique botanique (c) CSM-ENSCICSM & ENSCI, Fabrique Botanique

The “En Vie – Alive” exhibition created by leading designers, architects and artists showcases the bioengineered world, the invention starting to happen on our eyes.

Hosted by Espace Fondation EDF in Paris and curated by Carole Collet, the “En Vie – Alive” boldly encourages its viewers to imagine a world where biological fabrication replaces traditional manufacture, plants grow products and bacteria is genetically re-programmed to biofacture new materials, artefacts, energy or medicine.

Vincent Fournier, Post Natural History (c) Vincent Fournier, photo Laurent LecatVincent Fournier, Post-Natural History

Works of Phillip Beesley, Emile de Visscher, Suzanne Lee, Phillip Ross, Alexandra Ginsberg, Vincent Fournier, Christian Kerrigan, Arne Hendricks and Shamees Anden and collaboration between Central Saint Martins College of Design and ENSCI are all showcased as a part of exhibition.


Amy Congdom, Biological Atelier (c) Amy Congdom, photo Laurent LecatAmy Congdom, Biological Atelier

The “En Vie – Alive” is hosted by Espace Fondation EDF, Paris from 26th April to 1st September. For more information visit the exhibition’s website.

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