Cheerful Travels

By Adam Snow

The holidays are quickly approaching, as are the fantastic scenes which they inspire. The warmth, familiarity and cosiness of colourful Christmas lights are refracted through the kaleidoscope-like lens of winter snowflakes; distorting into bright shapes of red, yellow, grey and green.   

TUMI have captured this exciting feeling with their 2019 Holiday line. The travel company re-released their V4 line of travel cases in the exclusive seasonal colourways of Bright Red, Bright Lime, Sea Green and Stone Grey. These colours capture the quintessential cheer of the holidays while adding a splash of energy that will keep you motivated through the slugfest of packing, queuing, and shoving through holiday crowds.

TUMI know just how cheer-zapping holiday treks can be, and remain dedicated to upgrading, uncomplicating, and beautifying all aspects of life on the move. The cases are constructed from a carefully developed polycarbonate alloy, creating a supremely durable yet remarkably lightweight and expandable case. Without having to worry about heavy or broken baggage, you focus instead on reaching your destination in comfort.

For those only wishing to get away for a quick weekend, smaller options with a sleek holiday feel also exist. Old TUMI favourites such as the Hartford Backpack, Serra Mini Convertible Backpack, Mauren Tote, and Basel Small Triangle Pouch have all been given a sprinkle of holiday magic in Metallic Splatter print, meaning that the line is accessible to travellers of all pedigrees.

The holidays are a truly magical time of year, and it’s that much better when spent with loved ones. For those of us who choose to travel to them, it’s important not to lose that holiday magic. TUMI’s holiday line may just help us do that.

The V4 Holiday Collection from TUMI

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