Timeless Fashion

By Katie Dongworth

Timelessness is a term thrown around a lot in the fashion world. From little black dresses to designer trench coats to stiletto heels – all are considered timeless pieces in any fashionable wardrobe. These pieces feature in fashion shows in various forms all over the world; often altered, reworked, reimagined but always present.

Parisian chic evades even this. The style encompasses a world that designers, celebrities and influencers cannot touch. It is true timeless fashion.

PARISIAN CHIC ENCORE! A Style Guide Book Jacket, Courtesy of Flammarion

PARISIAN CHIC ENCORE! A Style Guide by model Ines de la Fressange and seasonal fashion journalist Sophie Gachet is a follow up to the New York Times bestseller, Parisian Chic. In both instalments, the well-kept secrets of the seemingly effortless style of the Parisian woman are finally revealed. With advice that simply never goes out of style. 

The book contains countless tips, guidelines, fashion faux pas, easy to follow outfit combinations and even places real Parisian’s go to shop, eat and socialise in the iconic capital city. From tips such as avoiding flashy jewellery, fashion trends and predictable combinations to encouraging the reader to be comfortable in their own skin – this book covers it all.

Photo: Astrid di Crollalanza © Flammarion

The book also goes through, step-by-step, what to wear for different social occasions that a Parisian may find themselves in, such as, black tie events, cocktail parties and picnic dates, so you can embody the Parisian in every sense of the word.   

This fashion bible has been created with every woman in mind; whether tall, short, thin, curvy, young or mature. Ines de la Fressange reveals her fashion secrets that have accumulated from a very long career in the industry, revealing how her style has adapted over the years. She reveals the style tips that transcends age, body-type and personal style but also explains how to adapt Parisian chic to the individual. She tells her readers that Parisian chic is not about blindly following fashion trends but confidently integrating your own personality with a simple and classic fashion foundation. Good taste, she says, “is the one you decide to create”.

©Benoît Peverelli from Parisian Chic Encore by Ines de la Fressange and Sophie Gachet (Flammarion 2019)

The book contains personal anecdotes about Ines’s experiences in the fashion industry but also her own fashion and beauty routine. She talks fondly of her thirties, where she believes a woman truly blossoms, but she warns not to hold on to treasured memories by clinging on to old style. Although she loves how she looked in her thirties she’s not afraid to move on and try new looks. Fashion should never be based around nostalgia, it’s about what looks and feels good in the present. She also touches on the issue of sustainability in the fashion industry, admitting that although she’s not perfect she’s trying to raise awareness and shares some simple tips everyone can do now.

PARISIAN CHIC ENCORE! A Style Guide is more than just a guide. With invaluable fashion advice, witty commentary and charming illustrations throughout, it is an entertaining and delightful read. Perhaps an ideal Christmas present for any woman interested in looking chic and truly timeless.

PARISIAN CHIC ENCORE! A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange and Sophie Gachet is published by Flammarion. Available from 11th November 2019.

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