Dense: Bubble T or Matcha. Or Both?

By Jo Phillips

We like tea here at .Cent. In fact we like it a LOT. And would like to think we’re on our way to becoming conoisseurs of the stuff.  So it caught our eye when a box of Vivid drinks came onto our desks for the team to try, especially noting it’s inclusion of energy boosting Matcha – one of the key ingredients for health during this year.

Cent - Vivid Matcha

Consumed for centuries by Buddhist monks to keep energy levels and alertness high during their long days of meditation, Matcha is a high-grade ground green tea leaf powder and has been added to these tasty, ready to drink fruit drinks giving a slow release of energy with a sustained mental boost.  There are three flavours which we’ve been eagerly supping; lime, ginger and honey; pear and rhubarb; and grape and elderflower – each made using a high blend of matcha and fruit juices.  Vivid is available at Waitrose, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, to name just a few retailers across the UK.


Cent - Bubble T rangeEqually gorgeous but definitely not drinkable, are these fun body lotions from Bubble T Cosmetics.  Inspired by the Taiwanese drink invented during the 1980′s, they contain all the health benefits found from drinking tea and have been cleverly adapted to benefit the body externally.

We spoke to the inventors at Bubble T and they said “We’ve been working alongside industry experts to craft and blend a divine combination of rich tea based infusions, mixed with fruit essence and extracts, as well as antioxidants all with the aim of providing the same level of nourishment you would get from drinking tea.”


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