Digital: Say Bye to Social Media Blunders

By Jo Phillips

Great Brand Blunders by Rob Gray
Great Brand Blunders by Rob Gray. Publisher: Crimson Publishing. 21.4 x 13.6 x 1.4 cm, 240 pages, £ 12.99.

As digital technology today allows messages to spread virally across the globe, we all know that the success of a brand is crucially determined not only by the innovation behind the products on offer but also by the marketing and promotion of the brand through social media. Great Brand Blunders is a new book that talks about the worst marketing and social media meltdowns of all time and how to avoid them.

The book details 150 marketing disasters of the 21st Century involving household brand names such as Apple, Virgin, Coca Cola, and McDonald’s. From Apple Maps to Bic for Her to the #QantasLuxury flop, journalist and brand consultant Rob Gray explores what made each of these marketing campaigns go spectacularly wrong and underlines what is to be learnt from them. The book also includes inspiring examples of marketing that leads the way.

In this day and age when everyone is linked on some sort of social media channel unavoidably marketing oneself in one way or another, Great Brand Blunders is an interesting and engaging read offering much more than lessons to be learnt solely for businesses, but also development on a personal level.

Great Brand Blunders by is published on 25 February 2014 by Crimson Publishing.

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