Espa Day

By Julie Jacobs

When I walked into the dark and cosy Espa’s Life at Corinthia Hotel I felt cocooned – as I imagine being in the womb felt – safe and secure. Not knowing if it was day or night. The silence means time is all but forgotten.  An Espa day is the ultimate of quiet luxury in the hustle and bustle of central London. Because let’s be honest, we all need some quiet time and a little bit of lux’. It’s not only vital for our physical well-being but for our spiritual and mental wellness too.

An Espa day is the ultimate of quiet luxury right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of central London. 

However, Espa have created something more than simply luxury treatments at the Corinthia.  They’ve introduced Restorative Wellness. Rooted in positive lifestyle principles flowing throughout their transformative services. With massages, facials, and wellness therapies that support not only physical but mental well-being too…the ultimate in self-care. All spa treatments use Espa products as well as other top industry brands that deliver outstanding results.

Working alongside these award-winning products is an array of machines. However, even some of the industrial-looking machinery do not break the peaceful womb-like; cocoon feeling. Maybe that’s because each treatment always maintains some form of a hands-on aspect still.

An Espa day is the ultimate of quiet luxury right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of central London. 

Take the Espa Vital Body Ritual with the Body Ballancer as an example. Just imagine lying down wearing an inflated; very high-waisted pair of trousers. Smooth waves pulsate from the Body Ballancer device creating a lymphatic compression massage. This addresses fluid retention and helps stimulate circulation, deep cleansing to free the body of physical stagnation. I’d like to think all signs of stagnated cellulite would be gone too but sadly I know better and that it would require more than one session and an improved dietary effort on my part for that to happen. The treatment then moves into the ‘hands-on’ phase of a Swedish massage of the scalp and a detoxifying full body massage with fast invigorating movements using Espa’s Detox aromatherapy oil.

I repeat, an Espa day at Corinthia Hotel is the ultimate of quiet luxury…the ultimate in self-care.

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