Explore, & Find Art

By Ariba Bashir

We see art where we want to see it or maybe where we are used to it being. Art takes us to galleries, or it is seen on our home walls or maybe in public art spaces. Art, this wonderful creative free expression maybe shouldn’t just be seen where we expect it? The venue of the existence of art maybe could just be in predictable places? If anything it can be made more dynamic by exploring and finding it in the most unexpected places to view it. Find out more in Explore, & Find Here.

Why does Art have to be seen in predictable spaces? As Art is perceived to be the exploration of an artists imagination, surely it deserves to be explored, in just as a creative way?

For example what about a piece of art painted on a roof terrace of an underground station in London, between the River Thames and The Strand?

The Artist’s Garden is just that. An artistic symphony transferred onto an undiscovered half roof terrace on top of London’s temple underground tube station.

The coLAB temple (A collaborative laboratory) has worked for four years to make The Artist Garden a reality, a co-commission with 180 studios and in partnership with Westminster city council spreading the magic of colours and bring this unpredictable art into existence by London based artist Lakwena Maciver.

Done for the first time since 1870 when the building was created by Sir Joseph Bazalgette. What makes it worth finding? The mediation on the higher ground between the lively hues, feeling connective to nature with view fresh area, incredible view of Thames. Lakwena’s work speaks for itself, as she paints vibrancy and joy with every stroke along with geometric patterns with rainbows palette with concise powerful messages for viewers.

The perspective of a splendid vision allows for the exploration of colours and art within nature in our lives.

Where to find it?
London Temple Underground Station Roof Terrace – access via steps on Temple Place, postcode WC2R 2PH. Take left out of Temple Tube station, go up the stairs, left onto Temple Place and first left up the steps. If coming from Embankment peel up left onto Temple Place take steps up to the roof by the Cabman’s Shelter.

The hide and seek with creativeness, such a bonus in a bust world when artfulness is unexpectedly found adding more colours and instant emotion and cheerfulness in our lives. The world is our canvas; it doesn’t need to be present in just blank papers or walls.

To find out more visit CoLAB.art

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