Exposed; Save My Skin

By Julie Jacobs

‘Exposed’ is exactly how my skin feels during the cold winter months.  I experience and see the disruption to my skins own natural protective coating, the Acid Mantle ( a very fine film that stands between the epidermis and the outside world).  I could use Vaseline to re-enforce this barrier but protection is only one aspect the skin requires.  Preserving, nourishing and repairing ones own natural surface layer is essential because a damaged barrier can affect nerve endings causing sensitivity. 

I use really rich moisturisers or balms (not something an ex acne sufferer like me would normally appreciate) as a shield also as a sealant for my regular moisturiser or oils and to preserve my natural layer.  I’ve seen the value in using these types of products so irrespective of your skin type, preservation; maintenance and protection of your Acid Mantle is vitally important – irrespective of your skin type – to survive bitter cold weather.  


Kiehl’s Rosa Artica

My trusted and all time favourite winter cream is Kiehl’s Rosa Artica.  Initially its thickness was a turn off until out jogging one freezing winters night.  One of its main ingredients is Squalane which is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids.   Kiehl’s also have developed a Rosa Artica eye cream and a lightweight version but I’m sticking with the original.


Shiro Kombu Facial Cream  

Rich and nourishing containing Gagome Kombu, which aids in retaining moisture, great for layering, sealing in lotions and serums to protect skin from drying.


Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream

Known for its high levels of essential fatty acids which help to strengthen, repair and rehydrate the skin.  Aimed at dry and mature skin types but I would still use it during cold months none the less.


Majo Face Food

Not as rich as the creams previously mentioned but does a great job all the same.  This moisturiser is packed with carefully selected high-quality ingredients aiding the skins need to detox, repair and rejuvenate, and is great for tired, stressed or dehydrated faces.


Frances Prescott Tri Balm  

Fairly new to the market is Tri Balms three in one balm which cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises.  I love Tri Balm because of it’s reassuring aroma, I feel no amount of bad weather can harm my skin while wearing it!

Images Jason Yates 

Words Julie Jacobs

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