Highlight Those Peepers

By Julie Jacobs

Well, it’s that time of year again when glitter and sequins rule, just look at high Street windows and supermarket displays.  From trousers; dresses; table cloths; napkins or candles now is the one time of year you can either dress yourself or the whole house from top to toe in glitter and no one would bat an eyelid… sparkle is EVERYWHERE and make-up is no exception with the focus this year being on eyeshadows.

There are differing scales of glitz, I’ve noticed inexpensive brands are unabashed and don’t hold back if you want mega even chunky sparkle you’ve got it.  However, at the other end of the spectrum expensive brands are a little more reserved with their sparkle ranging from a shiny satin to satin with a little bit of glitter and they seem to always include a couple of mat neutral shades in their palettes.   So if you’ve never had the courage to try high-shine shadows before there is always a version out there for you and ‘tis the season’ to get away with it.

Beauty Editor Julie Jacobs

Photography Jason Yates

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