Fabric to Open its Doors Again

By Jo Phillips

It has been a triumphant week for London clubbers. With the re-opening of Fabric after its closure in September, regulars of this iconic London nightclub will be able to return after a few months of defending their favourite go-to weekend spot. Although regulations have become stricter, such as the barring of under 19s entering the club on main nights, the impact of what Fabric has to offer will not have disappeared. We’ve compiled small list of regular performers at Fabric whom we would love to see return after the official re-opening.

Joseph Capriati has previously been a regular invite to Fabric nightlife. This young Italian DJ is a techno specialist and is one of the most streamed artists on music platform Be-At TV.

Well known for his contributions to drum and bass and oldmschool jungle music, Goldie is a familiar face in Fabric and whose legacy is capable to reel in crowds.

Netsky, a Belgian talent with strengths primarily in drum and bass, has also appeared in Fabric. Like Goldie, he has worked with popular dance music vocalist, Diane Charlemagne and has a steady rise in popularity after the release of his 2015 album 3.

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