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By Jo Phillips

To start the year of on a clean slate we at .Cent have been trialling some face scrubs.  See below our thoughts and feedback on just a few in the marketplace. Each team member has tried at least one, see what they have to say.
Alexis day
Name: Nada Abdul Ghaffar
Position at .Cent: Fashion Intern
Product: Super Facialist by Una Brennan – Vitamin C+ Brighten – Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash
Review: I really enjoyed using this exfoliator. It’s perfect to use at night to get rid of any dead skin and impurities, but it’s also super refreshing to wake up the skin in the morning, because its beautiful citrusy smell. You’re also getting the vitamin c+ for a healthy glow. The microbeads are strong but don’t dry out the skin.Nada
Name: Sabrina Fabbo
Position at .Cent: Fashion Intern
Product: Aromatherapy Associates essential skincare rose exfoliating cleanser
Review: Gentle for the skin and any skin types, soft touch so you can massage it in circle movements till
you see dead skin.Sabrina
Name: Leah Sinclair
Position at .Cent: Editorial Intern
Product: Nova Belnatur facial scrub gel
Review: I found this exfoliator good to use, as it left my skin feeing smoother as I used it over the 10 days. The key ingredients included jojoba micro wax particles, which gets rid of dead cells from the skin, making it refreshing to use after wearing make up over the day. The product recommends that it is only to be used twice a week, so while I didn’t get to use it for an extended period of time, the results have been promising thus far.
gel-exfoliante-limpiador-e-hidratante-nova-75mlName:Jo Phillips
Position at .Cent: Creative Director
Product: Zelens Micro Refiner Bi active Exfoliator
Review: The first thing I noticed was how fine the grains in the scrub were.  This made it soft to use on my skin and therefore I was very pleasurable.  After using it left a soft feel on my skin therefore my face did not feel dry after.  I very much enjoyed using this and felt clean and fresh afterward.   It contains a natural enzyme from papaya which clears the dead cells and also hydrates leaving a soft face after use. I would use this often as it feels like it helps not dries out my skin.JO SCRUB
Product:Good Things Manuka Honey refining scrub
Review:The grains are bigger than the grains on some scrubs.It certainly felt like it cleared my face of dead cells and again it left a soft feel to my skin. I do think this makes a very good all-over scrub rather then a specific face scrub. It also smelled good and the Manuka honey is a well know hearing ingredient which really adds to the product.JO SCRUB.jpg 2
Name:Laura martin
Position at .Cent:Fashion Editor
Product: Suti Facial Cleansing Balm
Review: This was much more of a cleaner than a scrub, but felt it was very good at deep cleaning my skin.  One of the things I noticed straight away was it did not leave my skin feeling dry.  It certainly cleared all my make up, and smelt very nice.  I felt safe to use this as a cleanser every day but its certainly not a scrub!Laura scrub
Product: ALPHAH Micro Cleanse with Glycol Acid and Rice Bran
Review: I liked the micro bead element of this scrub and it felt fresh and clean on my skin.  This is probably due to the min and cucumber elements, which not just left my skin feeling fresher and clearer but cooled.Laura scrub.jpg 2
Name: Yasmin Sholgami
Position at .Cent: Editorial Intern
Product: Kiehls Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub
Review: I first thing I enjoyed about this product was how fine the grains in the scrub were. I have combination skin therefore it wasn’t too harsh yet still exfoliated my skin well and got rid of any dry skin I had. It is a lovely texture and very easy to apply whilst still washing off really easily. Made from three key ingredients found in Pineapples, Papayas and Sesame oil it leaves the skin feeling very soft, fresh and radiant. Kiehls products are always a winner!
We all got our hands on a few lovely extras that were not tested, but so you can see what else is available.
Cent Oils Shot 6 final
Aesop: Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste  “Fine river-bed Quartz contained in a cream base sloughs away tired surface cells while Lactic Acid offers a mild chemical exfoliation to leave skin immaculately cleansed, soft and polished.

Dolce & Gabbana: Exfoliator Radiance Renewal Gel  “Removes excess oils and dull skin to enhance radiance!”

Nuxe Paris: Gentle Exfoliating Gel “This Exfoliating Facial Gel with Rose Petals gently exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells to reveal refined skin, more radiant than ever!

Clarins Paris: Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Micro beads  Clarins dual-action micro beads with soothing Mimosa extract — makes a clean sweep of dull, flaky surface cells while tightening pores.

Avene Gentle Purifying scrub sensitive skin The Gentle Purifying Scrub has been specially formulated to cleanse sensitive skin in depth by gently eliminating all impurities.

Chantecaille: Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliating cream  “A luxurious exfoliating cream works to gently polish, refine, improve texture and reduce fine lines while delivering major hydration.”

Photographs by Thomas Rohde

Cent Oils Shot 7 final

Argile de Gommage: L’art du Soin “A treatment 2 in 1 scrub, marble powder gives a clear finish to the skin, providing comfort and blessing through the oil apricot kernels.

Espa: Refining Skin Polish A gentle exfoliating facial cream to sweep away dull and dry skin while it helps brighten and revitalise!”

Murdock London: Exfoliating Facial Scrub Cleanse & Invigorates the Skin with Pumice & Jojoba Oil  Murdock London’s Facial Scrub deeply cleans and rids the skin of dead cells, leaving it refreshed, replenished, moisturised and renewed.”  

Ole Henriksen: Walnut Complexion Scrub- brightening foam exfoliant “A brightening foam exfoliant that deeply cleanses pores with ginseng, it enhances the skin’s natural renewal cycle and awakens a beautiful glow underneath.”  


Once of course you have scrubbed yourself shinny clean and bright, and want to protect your newly exposed skin, why not try an old yet new product?  Pommade divine has been around for near enough two hundred years and now this old fashioned skin remedy has been revived for the 21st century. It is a  unique blend of ingredients helps to give you healthy, nourished skin alongside it has  a reputation as a healing product too!


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