Fantasy: Fat Melting Injections? Or Fiction?

By Jo Phillips

This generation is one for wanting everything now, yesterday, in an instant. “Disposable” and quick fixes are the mindset and whilst this newspiece is certainly not aimed at promoting surgery in order to get results, we wanted to tell you about the launch of “Aqualyx,” a new, supposed “fat-melting” injection, which caught our attention purely because it sounds like something out of a fantasy book.

Aqualyx is a water solution injected into the body’s fatty areas, contains plant polymers which the inventors claim, “..binds with the cell walls of the fat tissue before rupturing and releasing the fat to be dissolved,” therein “melting” the fat content and being released naturally via the bodily functions over time.

This new treatment claims to be the only registered fat removal injection available on the current market, with a further comment that “…other than slight bruising and swelling for 48 hours, there is no real recovery time needed.” Sounds pretty fictional right?! Well, it’s in existence, and there’s a number of case studies with some impressive results to back it up.


As well as this patient’s before and after shot, We’ve been privy to a number of, fairly dramatic looking, case studies showing their physique’s pre and post the injection, and whilst the makers do also remind that patients should combine this “contouring” treatment with exercise and a healthy diet, what concerns me is whether the UK public would actually take the safe approach as advised, or try and further short cut any required weight loss by going ahead and having injections.

Let’s just hope they don’t then become addicted like Brazil’s Ida (Katherine Helmond), vainly addicted to rejuvenating plastic surgery under the care of the wonderful Jim Broadbent’s cosmetic surgeon character Dr. Jaffe as seen below:

Jim Broadbent & Katherine Helmond in Brazil. Image care of Ronald Grant Archive
Jim Broadbent & Katherine Helmond in Brazil. Image care of Ronald Grant Archive

No information has yet been supplied with regards to patient background checks and consultation forms, but if the technology is indeed correct, it could potentially have some amazing effects on the medical community within the fields of chronic diseases and the big C. We watch with interest but for fat loss, moving more and eating less remains the key winner for me.

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