Flowing; ‘Wash, Scrub, Dry, Repeat’ Pamper Fathers Day

By Edena Klimenti

Fathers day is fast approaching and there is always time to celebrate a great skin care range, whether its for a morning routine, an evening routine or just a pamper session when you feel like your skin needs it. Treat your fathers with these incredible products that will leave you feeling like you spent a week at the SPA. LQD, an advanced men’s skin care brand, with a range of products developed in Australia has a devotion to creating products that are honest, and built through innovation and science. Empowering men through their skin care range is their main priority and motive behind the brand. The award winning products range from facial washes, to face scrubs, which are catered to all skin types and will really give your skin the TLC that it needs.

Their newest collection looks at the process you go through when looking after your skin, which includes a shaving cream, a facial wash, a calming cream and a facial scrub. Each product attempts to tackle a problem you may have, whether it is hydrating your skin, or simply needed to scrub away dead skin cells in order to have healthier skin. The products are created in order to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and can even slow down the aging process. Anthony McDonough, founder of LQD, studied chemistry at Melbourne University which meant that his knowledge in the field of chemistry aided his decision making process when it came to choosing safe, irritant free ingredients. In order to cater to those with sensitive skin, and even skin conditions, LQD removed the ingredients that are commonly used in other products, and are known to cause skin irritation; by doing this they were able to create a collection that can even be used by people who suffer from skin conditions like Rosacea, Dermatitis, Eczema and Keratosis.


LQD Face ‘Shave’

This shaving cream is suitable for all skin types, and as all known skin irritants have been removed from these products, it can be used by those with really, really sensitive skin. Shaving gels tend to foam and dry out your skin, which is why the cream formula is thick but does not cause foam, which makes it easy to rinse and creates a simple, stress free shaving process. The formula of the cream creates a soothing sensation, whilst moisturising your skin and protecting it from the harsh process of shaving, it softens the hairs in order to create a comfortable, close shave. This shaving cream is packed with ingredients that will hydrate, rejuvenate and moisturise freshly shaved skin.

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera (Organic) Bisabolol, Allantoin, Green Tea & Chamomile

LQD Face ‘Wash’ 

This facial wash is suitable for all skin types and can be used multiple times a day as it is free form all known skin irritants. It is a wash that will deeply cleanse your skin and lift away excess oils, sweat and any impurities you have in your skin, whilst never disturbing your skins natural pH balance. It has a soothing formula and creates no foam, which makes it easy and simply to apply.

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera (organic) Kaolin Clay & Vitamin E

LQD Face ‘Calm’

Minimise red skin with this fast acting soothing serum which gets rid of irritation and any sensations of burning you may have after shaving. The serum can be used to calm and desensitise your skin and can be used on acne, eczema, rosacea and keratosis. The rich ingredients moisturize, rejuvenate, nourish and repair freshly shaven skin.

Key Ingredients: Symsitive, Aloe Vera (organic), Bisabolol, Vitamin E, Green tea, Chamomile & Allontoin

LQD Face ‘Scrub’

This facial scrub tackles dead ski cells and de clogs your pores, which is essential for the regeneration and hydration of your skin, whilst stimulating your natural collagen production. The Glycolic acid and and biodegradable micro-beads create a dual scrub action, whilst the Aloe, Macadamia Oil and Cucumber  work to sooth and heal.

Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera (organic), Polylactic acid, Macadamia Oil, Cucumber & Vitamin E

LQD Face ‘Hydrate’

A thick, non greasy moisturizer which rejuvenates and nourishes freshly shaven skin. This gorgeous formula helps give back your skins natural moisture levels whilst preventing dryness which is common after shaving; and can also be used on scalps of men who shave their head. The moisturizer not only hydrates your skin, but it protects it form pollution, smoking and even air-conditioning.

Key Ingredients: Sweet Almond, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera (Organic), Camellia Seed Oil, Witch Hazel, Shea and Cocoa Butter, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Chamomile, Ficus Carica & Green Tea Leaf.

Protecting your skin from the outside world is essential, after shaving, or even being in the city all day, these products will protect your skin from dryness, air-conditioning and environmental damage. For the sake of pampering, we must not neglect the beauty of hair products, and how grooming your hair is just as essential as looking after your skin. HANZ DE FUKO is a brand which believes in the beauty of hair products, aiming to awake the artists within us through undeniably innovative ranges. Co founders David Alfonso and Christopher Zent believed in the true importance of individuality, so decided to create a range of hair care products that challenge the ‘status quo’.


Schema Cream, Medium Hold, Natural Shine: 

A lightweight, medium hold cream that allows your hair to shine without the nasty greasy look! Apply to dry hair for a finger combed look, or if you want to go for the ‘wet look’ apply to wet hair. A combination of beeswax, plant oils and extracts will allow your hair to feel nourished and look healthy.

Quick Sand, High Hold, Dry Matte Finish: 

This formula has an amazing texture and strong hold, leaving your hair with a matte finish and zero shine. In order to create volume apply to wet hair with a blow dryer, in order to give volume to second-day hair apply to fingertips and ends of hair. This styling wax also works as a dry shampoo, sucking up the excess oil on the hair and scalp.

Claymation, Super High Hold, Semi Matter Finish: 

This clay-wax hybrid is made with a touch of quick sand, which provides a super high hold, and semi matte finish. To apply warm nickel sized amount between your hands and apply to damp hair for natural glow or apply to dry hair for flexible semi matte looks. This styling wax will always work in your favour, lasting all day, allowing you to create works of art through your hair.

Gravity Paste, High Hold, Medium Shine:

This gravity paste has come a long way, two years in the making. It is an innovative styling product that provides high hold and a ‘super grip’ formula that allows you to create even the funkiest of hairstyles. In order to apply, rub a small amount between your palms in order to warm it, activating the ‘super grip’ which will style your hair, leaving a gorgeous shine. This product contains revolutionary ingredients which are only activated during and after application.

Modify Pomade, Medium Hold, High Shine: 

This product is a modern twist on the old school pomade, its lightweight with a medium hold, keeping classic looks firmly in place with a gorgeous natural shine. To apply rub a small amount between your palms until the product turns into a white consistency, apply to wet hair for clean, polished looks and dry hair for locked in high shine textures. The new formula means it is less greasy and softer than the typical pomade formula.

Hybridized Wax, Medium Hold, Satin Shine:

A water based wax with a medium hold is perfect for any funky hair experiment. You can use this for any smooth or heavily textures styles. There is no excess residue and it leaves a natural satin shine. The blend of oils will moisturize your hair and keep it conditioned. In order to apply work through damp hair for polished looks.

Sponge Wax, Medium Hold, Semi-Matte Finish: 

This wax will leave a gorgeous matte finish, with its pomade pliability and strength of a gel it is perfect for bed head looks to more polished styles. Perfect for sculpting with absolute control, its a lightweight sponge wax made form organic ingredients, helping to thicken and fill out your hair.


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