Beauty and Power:

By Lilian Dabat

A great fashion designer once said “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”. This woman, Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, used her ambition and her originality to rise to the top of the world of Haute Couture and French elegance power and beauty by creating her brand; Chanel. Find out more here about how make up is a power tool in Beauty and Power

So many people use make-up. Some to embellish their features, others to express their creativity. This is where the interest in using these products lies. Because yes, makeup is not only a method to beautify, it is also a way to express what we really feel inside, and who we really are inside. It is a form of art but also of expression. What better way to express our emotions than by adding some shapes or colours to our faces?

Let’s not forget that feeling good in one’s skin is intimately linked to feeling good mentally: expressing one’s personality while expressing one’s creativity; this is the almost hidden role of make-up.

Make-up has always been used by people throughout the decades to express power and beauty. It is also an essential tool in the world of cinema and theatre, because it allows modifying the aspects of a person’s face, or accentuating certain parts, particularly for a certain type of character an actor needs to display. And so it is the perfect tool to “play another character” for an actor so it is for many of us to show different parts of our own personality. 

For many women and some men it is a positive weapon that serves as a support to express one’s desires; utilising neutral tones, brighter colours, shiny, or matte, it can be flashy or discreet, it all depends on the mood or the aspect of one’s personality that one wishes to highlight. 

After all, some days we want to be sexy and sultry. Other times, we need to show the world our strong side, our leadership qualities. At a party with friends, we want to present with our softer side. It’s all about the mood of that moment.

Each season fashion designers present different types of make-up via trends for the season.Whether it is eye make-up, complexion, or lips there is always a plethora of ideas to explore. With many shades of colour that are on offer too all of this can help to accentuate these different facets of our personality:

This season there is a big trend for dark kohl under the eyelash line and on top of the eyelash line, giving an extreme cat eye look. This makeup allows one to present a deep, strong aspect of a person’s personality. Notably, add a mascara for pronounced big eyes. Often seen in the 1990’s this trend was big on the catwalk worn with a nude lip.

If you like the idea of this eye make up it is easily achieved with this Chanel waterproof eyes pencil , ‘ 10- ÉBÈNE’ , perfect to represent to trend for this season.

Feeling bright and healthy? want to have glowing skin? This trend has been referred to in the world of make up and ‘glass skin’. So to highlight the sparkling, happy or sunny side of your personality, you can use shimmering colours, which will illuminate your skin, and bring a soft radiant glow. A shimmer with a touch of colour is a little bit more friendly than the looks shown with ‘glass skin’ on the catwalks which can be just about high-shine.

Chanel have several interesting products, specially if you want to express your lovely feelings, like this pink blush or this sparkling lipstick, which will bring colour and brightness to your face. You can see the picture on the left to get an overview.

We use warmer colours on our face, such as pink on our lips, if we are in a coquettish or joyful mood, or even red here as we know it’s the colour of passion, when we wish to be seductive .There are also products that can meet these criteria, such as these.

This season the rosy soft pink lips was a big catwalk hit so here see the Chanel ‘ROUGE ALLURE VELVET’, 62-LIBRE’ , with the ‘MULTI-USE GLOW STICK’ ‘ SCULPTING’. These two products are totally on trend, especially in these shades presented here.

For some, make-up serves as camouflage. For others, it serves as strength. It is up to you, now, to use it as you wish, knowing its power.

« If you’re sad, if you are disappointed in love, put on your makeup, give yourself some beauty care, put on lipstick, and attack »,  Coco Chanel.

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