Function: Steve Bicknell

By Jo Phillips

It’s not always the real genius’s that make it famous…sometimes those people that quietly push forward boundaries (not because they have a choice mind but because they have no choice) are the ones that never gander the fame and adulation. These creatives just keep on ploughing forward doing what they do and in a very quiet way they pave the way for others to follow, with the others often being ones that gander the adulation. Such is Steve Bicknell quiet, modest, a pioneer in the field of dance music for over 30 years.

Starting out, like so many of his contemporaries, having a large collection of records meant he was the one asked to DJ at people’s parties. From there he moved on to DJ in some of London’s best nightclubs and best parties. Once there he launched the now lauded Lost parties and started his own record label…well several including lost and cosmic.


With this .Cent magazine issue coming to an end really soon, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the articles from The Path Issue. To read more about the life of Steve Bicknell, check out the full article on our online magazine here.

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