Game On

By Mingye Zhu

As we grow up in this automated age, many of us played video games at home, from Game Boy to PS5, maybe we share some great memory together in the digital world. When we recall a video game we have played before, apart from the cheerful scene in that game, we may compulsively hum a little bit of the music from the game. There are some soundtracks from video games that were composed and made by famous musicians. Let’s review the video game soundtracks from the angle of music while blood boiling with the game scenes. Find out more in our article Game On.

Paul McCartney, a formal member of The Beatles, wrote this song for video game Destiney. In Destiney 2, the idea of Hope for the Future is nodded in the last message from Brother Vance which reads ‘Hope for the future’.

The talented film composer and record producer Hans Zimmer whose noted works including The Lion King and Interstellar, composed the soundtrack for the video game Crysis 2.

Skrillex, known as one of Top 100 DJs worked with splendid Japanese-American singer Hikaru Utada and released the opening theme for the game Kingdom Hearts III.

Japanese band JAM Project is a big name when we talk about anime songs. Below is one of the songs from the album by JAM Project for video game Super Robot Wars.

Immoral Flame is the gift Katy Perry gave Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. You might have listened to her song unconsciously or often saw her on every big music shows since she is such an icon in the pop music field. It is good to see the combination of video game and pop songs, which breaks out the boundaries of creation.

The drummer Stewart Copeland of the British rock band the Police contributed his work to video game Spyro the Dragon series. Besides the Spyro series he also made soundtracks for another video game  Alon in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

Canadian musician Stuart Chatwood has collaborated with video game several times. For example, he composed for Pince of Persia series, in which the music remains the style of the bass guitar with a taste of the exotic.

Playstation Video game Sound Shapes is gladly soundtracked by American musician Beck who is successful in alternative rock. The design theme of Sound Shapes found the perfect fit with Beck’s music style.

The integration of music and video games makes quite an impression on the audience, which can be seen as another great creative attempt in the automated world.

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