Glittery and Shiny

By Zelie Vandermeiren

The holiday season is here, maybe slightly less fabulous this year. And while this year the festivities might be different, it will not take away from occasions to dress up, even if we are doing at on our own! So to help with that, Too Faced just released a new collection of lip gloss, that will put glitter in your life. Because truth be told, everyone needs some more than ever. Learn all about those magic products with our articles Glittery and Shiny.

Too faced just released 16 Lip Injection Lip Gloss that will instantly give you juicy and voluptuous lips. It’s thanks to their scientifically-advanced lip volumizing technology that those lip gloss will give you an instant plump while also hydrating your lips. And for everyone to find their happiness, 8 of them have a creamy finish, while 8 others have more of a sparkly one. From clear, nude, pink to mauve, you can only find the perfect shade between the 16 the brand is offering.

The 16 different shades
The 16 different shades

The LipGloss are just like having lip fillers but without having to go to the surgeon. And here, it only cost £23 instead of the thousand that getting lip fillers do. With it, you will have a fun and nice way of changing something about yourself whenever you want, without the hassle of permanent surgery.

And you don’t have to face the ” what did I do” conversation with yourself in the mirror the next morning. Instead, during the weekly virtual party with your friends, all of them will be asking what is your secret for looking that fabulous in a zoom call.

So will you be more a Start Align, Just Friends, or a Glossy Bossy type of power plumping lip gloss? To discover and get the perfect shade that will give you the perfect lips, go here on their website.

And while you have the juiciest and voluptuous lips, why not as well have the perfect shiny hair. The brand O’wow created by Georgiana Grudinschi is all you need. The idea behind the 3 products was to bring a hair smoothing treatment, often reserved for professionals, directly at home. They are the perfect translation of “if you can’t go to the hairdresser, bring the hairdresser to you”.

The O’wow Kit

The kit made of anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, paired with the keratin smoothing, will allow you to do and have hair as if you went to the hairdresser. By doing so, O’wow is offering products that are empowering women, while also making them save money and time. And as if this kit wasn’t already perfect, it is healthy for your hair and ethical, with 90% natural ingredients. The kit is also cruelty, paraben, sulfate, and formaldehyde-free, vegan and the result of it will last for 3 months.

Either for yourself, family or friends, these are the perfect gifts for the end of the year to bring glitter into life.

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