Glitz; The Perfume That Gives Back

By Jo Phillips

How many perfumes have you heard of that empower women? Sure, there are many that claim to, literally by the actual smell that emotionally uplifts and sets us free. But we are not talking about that here, we are talking in a truly literal sense. A first in the fragrance world, Sana Jardin perfume was created primarily as a vehicle for social change. Through the economic empowerment of women via The Beyond Sustainability Movement, Sana Jardin is the world’s first socially conscious, luxury fragrance house – as it creates fragrances to transport and seduce, although giving at the same time the wearer a role. Not only because they believe that a single bottle of perfume can bring significant changes to lives but also because they believe it could change the way business is done.

Created by Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed, the business’s primary goal is empowering all who are woven into the whole perfume ingredient cycle, from harvester to consumer, starting with female flower harvesters in Morocco, who hand pick floral ingredients for Sana Jardin’s perfumes.

Providing financial opportunity and business skills to enable wage increases, waste reduction is just one part of The Beyond Sustainability Movement. The brand’s awareness is multifaceted; while aiming to enhance the economic empowerment of women, the fragrance itself exudes exotic, seductive scents and possesses the healing force of natural plants and the power of essential oils, all the while remaining free of artificial colourants, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and animal testing. Indeed, transparent, sustainable business practices complete the movement that Sana Jardin hope will grow to revolutionise the fragrance industry.

Partnered with the internationally acclaimed nose, IFF Master Perfumer, Carlos Benaim, the creative behind forty of the world’s leading scent successes for fragrance houses including Bulgari, Frederick Malle, Yves Saint Laurent and Prada.

When did this all start?

Formed to help out the problems of inconsistent employment and annual income, the orange blossom project started in 2015 as they began working hand in hand with the indigenous Amazigh community in north-west Morroco that harvests floral ingredients for perfume production.

The rose, jasmine and orange blossom harvest only provide short-lived employment for the women harvesters with no alternative employment options since it grows and is picked in short bursts often only three times a year. Therefore, the women are in and out of employment. Which leads to all the social problems we are all aware of. And the movement created by Sana Jardin has harnessed not just a way to deal with this issue but also how to utilise what was considered ‘waste’ representing around 900 tons of by-product.

So how does it all work?

Sana Jardin photo 1

Sana Jardin joined their now non-profit partner Nest (known for supporting artisan communities) and Les Aromes du Maroc, an international floral ingredient supplier. They have also started to work closely with the agrarian community, managing three micro-enterprises with female farmers in the villages of Tiddas and Maaziz.

It is all done via their supply chain by working directly with the communities involved in making the products through the creation of The Beyond Sustainability™ Movement. It teaches indigenous women the skills to create and sell products such as scented candles and orange blossom water by taking advantage of what was considered ‘waste’ before (by-products from the flower harvest and fragrance distillation). This means harvesters now have a business of their own. Which between picking seasons, can sustain them all year round. Not to mention that any other waste including leaves and stems are used for compost that will be sold back to Les Aromes du Maroc to enhance future flower harvests. Which makes for zero waste.

Their commitment doesn’t stop there, far from it.  In fact, the same women receive training and mentorship on financial literacy, business, marketing and leadership skills. These women now own and manage the cooperative and retain 100% of the proceeds from the products they sell nationally, under their own brand called Annamaa.

Built on traditional, sustainable practices and fair trade, Beyond Sustainability™’s main goal is to create social change through commerce, not charity. Preserving heritage skills while inspiring the next generation of artisans is something they really value.


The newest perfume to the range is the wonderfully named

Tiger by her side

An initial hint of warm amber and rose with a spicy orange edge.  The top notes are Bergamot, Cinnamon bark and coriander seed.  These follow on to the middle made up of rose Benzion and patchouli giving a slight smokey, woody spiritual note, finishing with a base of labdanum, Olibanum and vanilla which brings back a slight sweet finish to this slightly mysterious floriental scent.

Sana_Jardin_Single 2

As for the others in the range:-

Berber Blonde

It’s sunshine in a bottle, where it meets the rich essence of orange blossom for a hit of summer floral with a musky undertone, utterly delightfully light sunny and floral.  At the top is  Bergamot, Orange Bigarade, Petitgrain Bigarade, with a middle  Neroli, Orange Flower Water Absolute all bought together and set off by the musk at its base

Savage Jasmine

Except its not savage in the ugly sense but its it most enhancing, one of the true heroines of fragrance Jasmine also has healing properties of well being and is instantly up-lifting.  The Jasmine of course brings a sense of the exotic garden at night, the smell so extended in hot evening air.  Here the top note is  Clove which brings a hint of spice with a centre of pure Jasmine joy followed by Musk and tobacco to heighten its sensual nature

Sandalwood Temple

where else would you find sandalwood but in an eastern temple and this scent is an ode to that.  It opens with a aqcua floral top Bergamot, Neroli, Orange Flower Water Absolute that drifts into a heart of  Cedarwood, whilst the smokey aroma of Guaiac wood, Sandalwood Album finish off with a greta big hit of creamy sweet vanilla.

Celestial patchouli

A rich heady fragrance utilising one of the moist famous of all scent ingredients Patchouli, see here to give an almost earthy grounding to this fragrance that opens with  Coriander Seed giving a slight green hit initially which follows on to Orris, Osmanthus, Rose Absolute making the root feel  and all held together in the base  to dive into with Cypriol, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark, Leather, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Nubian Musk

It is a little of what it says on the bottle a musky spices encounter of skin against skin.  the first hit of Grapefruit Blossom gives an almost fruity marmalade edge whilst it sits against Jasmin Sambac Rose and Sandlawood, which makes for a sexy woody element which is set off  in its base with  rooty spicy Cypriol, Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla Bean Extract, and Musk for the sex addict in us all.

last but not least, one of the most magestic florals you will ever small

Revolution De la Fleur

A floral fragrance that roams the world picking the best of the exotic flowers and bring them to life in this bottle.  Starting with the most noble flower of them all the rose which opens up with frangipani adding a soft fruity touch; then comes the delicate little flower of ylang ylang Neroli and Jasmine, all finished off with vnailla bean and the dry sandalwood to hold it in its place and root it to the skin


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