It’s Tea Time! Caddies by Kaikado

By Jo Phillips

Tin-three sizes

Tea has been indispensable to the lives of many people around the world. Whether we are speaking about the English, Chinese, Russian, Indians, different nations have developed different tea cultures, thus, emphasizing the significance of tea to our lives. Hence, it’s no surprise that the tea caddy design convince with tradition and skill.

With two layers of metal and a strong double wall construction the caddies are completely airtight and will keep the contents dry. A special side-effect are the changing colors of the tins – after several uses each tin develops a wonderful patina – the change will be visible after 3 months.
Each caddy undergoes a extensive process that includes work, which can only be carried out by Mr Yagi himself, as well as his father. The airtight lid of the caddies has been a traditional part over a century and is one of the many unique exclusive features the caddies offer.

Copper-tea-detail2 (4)
The three cylindrical caddies, which can be purchased in tin and copper, are available at Margaret Howell. A special 200g tin caddy with a unique boxwood lid handle is available as well.

Short caddy (40g): £110
Wide caddy (120g): £135
Long caddy (200g): £155
A-Type caddy with boxwood handle (200g): £235

Those of you, who’d like to see Mr. Yagi demonstrate the process invovled in the making of these wonderful Japanese tea caddies – should head over to the Margaret Howell Wigmore Street shop on 29 September.

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