June is Sheer Delight

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

For June we are celebrating our monthly theme, slight, from a fashion perspective we are looking at the fashion that has a slightly there quality: exploring sheer fabric. Here we explore spring-summer 2020 collections with a playful twist. Do you remember these press out paper dolly books from your childhood?

Slight adjective: small in degree; inconsiderable – (of a person or their build) not sturdy; thin or slender. verb: insult (someone) by treating or speaking of them without proper respect or attention – raze or destroy (a fortification). noun: an insult caused by a failure to show someone proper respect or attention.

Andrea Roman – Image one Roman creates s a cropped puffy bomber jacket made from glass organza that showcases in the interior. Both fabric choices and silhouettes create a unique sheer style for the spring-summer 2020 menswear season. Image two Roman black transparent organdie to create a double-breasted trench coat.

Jacket and trousers by Andrea Roman. Bag and shoes by Burberry

Alessandra Tacla – This collection from Alessandra Tacla explores masculine and feminine properties, inspired by Mario Bava’s film Blood and Black Lace -A film about a masked man with a metal-claw stalks models at a fashion salon in Rome. The coat is the perfect example of how sheer garments can we wearable with an artist detailed approach with beautiful textile manipulation.

TOHUM – TOHUM is a brand that creates jewellery inspired by nature and geometry. Infamous shell jewellery celebrates individuality all pieces are handmade and one of a kind elements make each piece truly original.

Marc Jacobs – This spring-summer 2020 collection was filled with colour and joy, a mixture of florals, sparkle and every tonal shade you could think of. Marc Jacobs says of this season ‘This show is a celebration of life, joy, happiness, indulgence, dreams and a future of unwritten as we continue to learn from our past and the history of fashion’

While the collection was multi-faceted, many pieces like the one featured an emphasised silhouette. Here the floral brings a light summery feel to the piece another design detail to collection.

Asprey – The brand speaks of the month of June being is associated with three birthstones including the Pearl which is known to signify; purity, fidelity and integrity, often worn by brides on their wedding day. As seen within the pearl earrings featured on our Marc Jacobs paper doll.

Dress by Marc Jacobs. Earrings by Asprey. Shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Alice Archer – The spring-summer 2020 collection from Alice Archer was an explosion of natural inspiration. From the colour pallette down the slightest design details. Archer takes sheer dresses and adds beautiful floral details making it a soft and easy wearable take on the trend.

Christian Louboutin – Louboutin says ‘The Nude shoe doesn’t dress the leg but continues to undress it.’ – a collection that is an ode to inclusivity, regardless of gender‘ this ethos is perfectly portrayed in the block wrap detail heels upon our Alice Archer paper doll.

Alexandra Hakim – Jewellery featured is from the Sandstorm collection from Alexandra Hakim – each piece is from a found object that is formed from the debris of a sandstorm, giving a new lease of life to objects that otherwise would have gone to waste.

Lanvin – This design from the Spring-Summer 2020 collections plays with fabric manipulation. Bunching the sheer fabric together to create different layers of transparency within the dress.

Burberry – For the spring-summer, 2020 season Burberry take sheer materials to a wider audience. Translating sheer across men’s and women pieces showing its versatility. Rather than having a complete transparent outfit, sheer materials are used as trims, for example, the ruffles that frame a little black dress or a menswear shirt made from lace.

Shirt, jacket, hat, trousers and shoes by Burberry.

Dress, bag and shoes by Burberry. Earrings by Alexandra Hakim

Mugler – The spring-summer 2020 collection from Mugler took sheer material to the max. Turning everyday tights into statement trousers, using his signature sharp tailoring, cuts create sheer peephole, utilizing this peephole effect to create sheer design details.

Jacket and trousers by Mugler. Necklace by Asprey. Shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Jacket and trousers by Mugler. Shoes, bag by Christian Louboutin. Earrings by Asprey.

Gucci – Gucci’s spring-summer 2020 collection was a medley of materials and colours, using textures in beautiful and out-of-the-box designs. Creating a light and sexy feel to an overall visually striking collection.

Top, skirt, sunglasses, hair clip, bag and shoes by Gucci.

Alexandre Vauthier – The spring-summer 2020 collection takes influence from the couture collection and transforms it beautiful everyday ready-to-wear garments. This is another collection that experiments with masculine and feminine elements.

The collection featuring strongly structured tailoring and elegant ruffles from sheer materials this is done by combining soft materials in classically feminine pastel colours and contrasting with tailored pencil skirts.

Quantum Courage At Quantum Courage all products are carefully handcrafted from the finest fabrics, combined with age-old craftsmanship, and designed with love and devotion in the south of France. Artificial leather applications are an element important to Quantum Courage’s collections, as well: velvet printings, gold embroideries, double-sided sequins and rhinestones. The house’s iconic diamond-shaped metal label is repeated throughout Quantum Courage’s multiple collections: it is stitched on the back of all limited edition must-haves, reflecting the strength and power of today’s Quantum Courage army.

Quantum Courage takes simple pieces like pleated skirts and injects colour, pattern and this season sheer textures as seen on the two sheer skirts on our Quanumn Courage paper doll.

Read more about the spring-summer 2020 season. It’s all about layers.

Paper dolls created by Angeliki Blessiou

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