Lady: Men’s Grooming Part II

By Catarina Wilk

As already promised in Men’s Grooming Part I that has been published earlier, it is now time to continue with more life-changing products that can make your men even more beautiful (a little extra beauty boost so to say). Taking notes for your shopping list is highly recommended and well appreciated.

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It’s all about hair! Start off with a hair strengthening shampoo, follow up with a nourishing conditioner and secure your hairstyle with a couple of spritzes of hairspray or a little amount of styling cream to make it last all day long. In this regard, the products below are also very good for layering because they do not add the crispy feeling that many products can leave. So don’t worry to much about your hair and enjoy your day!


Oribe – Thick Dry Finishing Spray
Windle & Moodie – Sculpture Hairspray Covent Garden
Malin + Goetz – sage styling cream
Korres – Men’s Shampoo Magnesium & Wheat Proteins Toning Shampoo
Sachajuan Stockholm – Hair Cleansing Cream
Christoph Robin – Purifying Hair Finishing Lotion

Hair_2_JasonYates_Cent_Magazine_Mens_Beauty_Still_Life_Hair_Bumble_Label_Stories_KMS – Invigorating Conditioner – Thickening Tonic – Sculpting Pomade – Grooming Cream
kms California – Head Remedy sensitive shampoo
Bumble and bumble – grooming cream
Bumble and bumble – semisumo

Treat your skin right and invest in a proper skincare routine by adding a day and nighttime moisturiser, a nourishing eye cream, hydrating serums, and treatment oils to your daily morning and nighttime routines. Your skin will thank you for that in future!

skin Chemists London – Wrinkle Killer Eye Serum For Men
Crème De La Mer – The Illuminating Eye Gel
ZV 2 – Night Serum
ARK Age Awake Skincare – anti-redness serum
Crème De La Mer – The Renewal Oil
Vichy – Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum
Logical skincare Recipe for men – Under Eye Gel
ZV 2 – Day Serum
Acqua Di Parma – Collezione Barbiere Revitalizing Face Cream

Do you need a new night cream that revitalises your skin overnight, an intense nail treatment for polished-looking nails, an easy-to-use face-tan serum, an eye cream or a boosting eye serum? You search for a lipsaver that makes dry and chapped lips soft and kissable again? Are you looking for a hair product that does not make your hair and hands feeling sticky? .Cent has covered all these products below. Wait self-tanning? Isn’t it a very time-consuming process? Not at all if you use Tan-Luxe’s Illuminating Self-Tan Serum which makes self-tanning so much easier by simply incorporating it into your daily skincare routine. Just add 1-2 drops (or more for a more deeper result) of the self-tan serum into your moisturiser, mix both in your hands and you are good to go. Plus, instant results are guaranteed in under 60 minutes!

.Cent also managed to talk to tanning expert Marc Elrick, founder of Tan-Luxe, about his skincare essentials, his personal tips and tricks and why a proper skincare routine is utterly important for men.

What is your skincare routine?

In my experience I find men’s skin is a lot more porous than women’s therefore I religiously cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night, changing my moisturiser seasonally as my skin changes in sensitivity and dryness. I swear by an SPF 50.

Part of my role at Tan-Luxe is to test numerous products for inspiration and I love to test new formulas. However, I always go back to some much loved and trusted favourites. My faves are Philosophy Micro Delivery Exfoliating Wash – which I also turn into a mini dermabrasion by applying straight onto freshly cleansed dry skin, REN Micro Polish Cleanser, Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask – it’s great when your skin looks matt, dry and tired, Alpha H Liquid Gold – literally shrinks pores and Sunday Riley oils, in particular Luna for an overnight boost and a youthful radiance. If I’m on the go but need to freshen up I love OLEHENRIKSEN’s grease relief cleansing cloths – the lazy boy skincare option.

What influential men have you picked up grooming and skin tips from?

My husband Dylan has been a hair stylist for over 20 years – he has picked up many pearls of wisdom from makeup artists and fellow stylists on set which he kindly passes on to me. He likes to use a pea-sized amount of Kiehl’s Creme de Corps usually for the body, in men’s hair – it de-frizzes, tames, and adds texture. Add a little bit more if you want a more sculpted, structured look.

Another great one…rub an ice cube over your face in the morning – it hides a multitude of sins not only reducing your pores but de-puffs the tell tale signs of a late night!

What is your one skincare essential?

The Face Illuminating Self Tan Serum which I wear religiously with an SPF – come rain or shine I wear SPF 50 every day. Depending on the season and my base tan I mix 1-4 drops with an SPF to slowly boost my skin’s glow without sun damage.

When developing fake tan what is the difference you have noticed in male and female skin demands and preferences?

Women and men have come to accept that when it comes to tanning, they often have to compromise if opting for a safe, sunless tan, but like myself, for many years, i was always looking for something that delivers no streaks, no smells, no clogged pores. Poor application and a distinct tan smell are two of the main issues suffered by tan users, however this is accepted as a part of the tanning game. I think you will see big changes as the self-tanning marketplace becomes more scientific and more brands commit more to research and development.

Because of these tell-tale signs men are less likely to experiment with tan or admit they are faking it. This was one of the start points for Tan-Luxe; our brand is odour free, nourishing and streak proof- completely undetectable. Men use it because the skincare benefits are complimentary to shaving and sensitive skin while women love that they can dial up or dial down the level of their tan. 1 drop on a Monday will make you look refreshed and rested from the weekend while 3 drops on Friday will make you look like you’ve spent the week in St Barts and ready for cocktails come 5pm! The tanning actives in self-tan are clear, however traditional self-tans contain a tanning guide which is a synthetic dye and alcohol that dry the skin out and stain the skin highlighting the areas we don’t want people to see! i.e. enlarged pores, fine lines and crow’s feet!

What is your top tip to males applying fake tan?

I always say you should never go more than 3 shades darker than your natural skin colour as you still want to look like yourself, just a healthier, and more radiant self! You don’t want to look like an entirely different person especially since yesterday in work you were looking a little bit pasty, and that’s when people notice!

Don’t use a product that’s coloured – stick with gradual or light self-tans and build up naturally, but still continue to moisturise hands, elbows, feet and any dry areas and treat it as you would a normal self-tan, after exfoliating. After applying tan, gives those dry areas a gentle wipe to even out the colour, even using the outside corners of a dry towel to buff your tan in even more and create that smooth finish.

The one thing that makes Tan-Luxe so unique is our commitment to research and development where we actively use over 100 people to test our products. For every product launched and in development we have tried, tested and tried again by real people.

Start small and take your time. Many people are impatient when it comes to tanning and want to go from ghost white to golden bronze in one application- it’s unrealistic and much more prone to going wrong! A gradual or oil based formula will be much more forgiving should you make mistakes and allow you to feel confident to continue the process. But remember to always wash your hands after application!

When did you start to wear fake tan? Was this a ‘guilty secret’ for you- if so, when did you ‘go public?

I’ve worn it for years and learnt the hard way! I’ve had many a disaster. Living in Scotland I always felt so much more confident and attractive on return from my summer holidays with a tan – I noticed from the salon that this was a universal feeling!
I also worked long hours and found a tan to be much more forgiving to the tell-tale signs of too many late nights and early starts.
I genuinely believe a good self-tan application can take years off you and make even the most fatigued look energised.


Ole Henriksen – invigorating night crème
Deborah Lippmann – 2 Second Nail Primer cleansing nail prep
ESPA MEN – The Hydrator
TAN-LUXE – Illuminating Face-Tan Serum Light/Medium
TAN-LUXE – Illuminating Face-Tan Serum Medium/Dark
Ole Henriksen – visual truth eye creme
Molton Brown London – Anti-fatigue Bai Ji Eye Gel
men-ü – LIQUIFFLEX™ cream to liquid in your hands
Molton Brown London – Vitamin Lipsaver

All in all, one could say that being a well-groomed man has never been easier. Well, the hardest part now is definitely to fell a decision. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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