Lip and Mix

By Julie Jacobs

Finding a lipstick to match your varnish can be taxing as Emolyne Ramlov discovered once after walking around Selfridges beauty hall.  However this annoyance is what inspired Ugandan born Emolyne to create a range of thirty lipsticks with corresponding varnishes, and lip liners.

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Emolyne herself is not that old (she could easily be mistaken for a teenager) but her brand concept may be perceived by some as ‘old skool’… but I don’t care, I love this idea.  This type of ‘matchy matchy’ takes me back to my childhood watching my mother and aunts coordinating their nails and lippy, as they would with their handbags and shoes (the Queen of England is the ‘queen’ of this fashion statement).  Even now, if I buy my mum a handbag she won’t use it unless she has a pair of shoes the same colour. 

To some; coordinating can be seen as restrictive, “express yourself” in whatever direction your creative mind is steering you has been the mantra for a few decades now.  But for me coordinating my lipstick is not only nostalgic it makes me feel like I’m ‘very well put together’. 

Emolyne’s colour range for a new launch is cleaver too.  Fifteen reds and fifteen nudes from light; medium to dark.  Created for a wide range of skin tones that will see you through the change of seasons when one’s complexion tends to be warmer in the summer than the winter.

A wonderful new brand with an ‘old skool’ concept that removes a shopping frustration and frees us up to simply enjoy and look expensive instead.

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Images Jason Yates

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