Love Potion

By Mohini Babbar

Marriage is a bond of love and passion. Yet it doesn’t just have to be just between two humans but can be between ingredients too; blend together and create magic. It may well be said that you can only feel love but what if you get to smell love? A scent so powerful and magical to make you fall in love with it. Let’s discover more about scents to fall in love with here in “Love Potion

Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel creators of magical aromas met in New York in 2006, whilst they were working for the same company. Sylvie Ganter was born to a French-Italian family, Parisian by affection, a world voyaging mother, enthusiastic about interior design.

Christophe Cervasel, a talented business visionary, enthusiastic about brain science and comic books. Conceived in Toulouse, to Italian stock, yet lived in Paris for a long time.

A year later at a dinner in Downtown Manhattan Sylvie happened to share with Christophe, her dream of creating a revolution in the world of Cologne, by making Cologne style at EDP levels making it a “must-have” for any perfume wardrobe.

In a moment full of affection and emotions Christophe asked Sylvie to be his partner in life as well as business and later they gave birth to the beautiful perfume brand “Atelier Cologne”.

From a life-changing dinner of two people in love to a brand excelling worldwide, they have created their own fascinating world of scent.

Atelier Cologne was born out of our encounter and our love. Perfume has always been our passion and our profession.” says Sylvie and Christophe.

“Eau de Cologne” a style of perfume originally came to life in 1709 by Giovanni Maria Farine, an Italian perfumer working in the German city of Cologne. Colognes were made mainly from Citrus based oils they were known for their fresh brightness. Initially, the make-up of cologne was a very light concentration of perfume oils, usually 2 to 8 percent but that was all to change 300 years later.

Come 2010 Atelier Cologne made their debut. At this time consumer spending was a real slow down and was a difficult time to get new brands into stores but initially, when the team met with Neiman Marcus in March 2009 to present Atelier Cologne, the shop was allured by the uniqueness of the brand.

It brought something that didn’t exist onto the shop floor, both from a concept and a fragrance angle. A real aroma house, offering new, and enduring perfumes. Above all, these two visionaries enjoyed creating the citrus-based scent with enthusiasm, love, personality, and most of all, lasting power. A concept totally new to the world of colognes.

In the making of these fragrances, the team wanted to be faithful to the original recipes of Colognes these bright citrus blends. However, the concentration of ingredients of oils in their blends was far higher than a cologne in order to make perfumes that lasted. They cleverly took the ideas of cologne and bought in the strength to them of an Eau de Perfume.

As opposed to the strength of a cologne at around 5% an Eau de Perfume is around 20% concentrate of perfume oils. And this was their revolution. The light breeziness of colognes at the strength of EDP. To clarify these majestic creations they came up with the name Cologne Absolue.

Their best-selling fragrances till date are Oolang Infini combined with oolong tea accord, bergamot from Italy and Gaiac wood from Central America. The next is Clementine California made with the blend of juniper berries from Turkey, Vetiver from Haiti and Clementine from Italy. Last but not the least is Pomelo Paradis with Pomelo from Florida, Mandarin from Italy and Vetiver from Haiti.

The latest launch was Love Osmanthus, written about in .Cent Magazines article Tiny Yet Powerful, read it here.

Keep an eye out also for their Advent Calendars that allocate you 24 days with 24 Luxuries. With three different stories the Discovery Advent Calendar, the Luxury Advent Calendar and Road Trip Favourites.

Like a wonderful love affair between two people, coming together of wonderful ingredients from the kitchen to the scent wardrobe we know you can feel and smell the love after all there are many things that make up a Love Potion !

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