Natural Strength

By Alliya Sophia Bouyis

What makes a great fragrance? The ideal scent is a combination of both natural and artificial elements; the perfect balance of nature and nurture. The desired fusion scent. A blend of lab synthetics to create the illusion of nature, and authentically natural ingredients; the personification of nature. There are a lot of preconceived ideas around what a man should smell like, so when we consider a ‘juice’ for men shouldn’t we open up the complexities around the desired male scent? Venture into a new and open territory? Natural Strength delves into two new male fragrances, from Jean Paul Gaultier and Montblanc, that highlight how a man can carry the strength in nature within his scent…

Jean-Paul Gaultier is, rightfully so, considered a true innovator for his craft in fashion and is one of the key names who trailblazed the avenue for fearless experimentation. The daring Frenchman is no short of iconic moments ranging from the 90s cone bra phenomenon, unforgettably worn by Madonna in her Vogue music video, to daringly challenging gender roles with Hyper-Androgyny, as seen in his SS93 runway show, where models took to the stage in breast coverages and ultra high-waisted suit trousers. Though, it has to be said that Jean Paul Gaultier’s trademark ‘Stripes’ is the most recognisable of all the incredible work of the premium brand.

The trademark Gaultier ‘Stripes’ are widely associated with his world-renowned fragrance line ‘Le Male’. After much anticipation, Jean-Paul Gautier is soon to be dropping a brand-new addition to the ‘Le Male’ fragrance line – introducing ‘Le Male On Board’.

Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male On Board

Due to be launched on May 19th, Le Male On Board evokes a fresh, spicy and citrus-like aroma with eloquent touches of amber, bergamot, geranium and tonka beans. The limited-edition scent uses the best of nature to push through the perfect Spring smell, balancing sensitivity and the classic strength connected with the ‘Le Male’ fragrance line. What better way is there to feel airy and light this Spring while still packing the same strong, bold punch within your scent? The daring and distinct Le Male On Board is your answer.

An exciting alternative comes from the genius behind Montblanc. They are famous for infusing the feeling of luxury with the concept of adventure through their ‘Montblanc Explorer’ fragrance line. It takes the essence of the presence of nature and places it in a bottle. A bottle that evokes the intricacy, artistry and craftsmanship of what is at the heart of the luxury brand. Montblanc is creating scents that free us from the mundanity of our lives; a moment of escapism from our daily, often repetitive and painfully ordinary work from home routine.

The latest instalment to the ‘Montblanc Explorer’ line is the refreshing ‘Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue’. The fragrance has key notes in authentically Italian Bergamot and the finest quality citrus while adding a sensitive touch of pink peppercorn to finish with a fresh and spicy aroma with woody facets, to truly echo the best of what the outdoors and nature has to offer.

Montblanc, Explorer Ultra Blue

Designed to be the ultimate scent for a fresh generation of explorers breaking the boundaries, eager to leave a lasting legacy on this Earth. Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue has to be the epitome of natural strength, embodying a bold, inquisitive and adventurous spirit within the fragrance, bringing the natural strength of the world to you.

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