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By Jo Phillips

Most people have difficulty deciding where they want to live in London. With so many factors to consider, such as their commute to work. Whether a neighbourhood is safe, and if there are places nearby to socialize and eat. It’s essential to consider these elements and more to get a fuller perspective of what an area has to offer.

While it would take much more than one article to divulge each location’s ins and outs in London, Canary Wharf is worth noting for the lifestyle opportunities it provides.

For a glimpse into what life could be like for you in Canary Wharf, here is a rundown of a few desires you can expect to be fulfilled.

Luxury Living

To facilitate the needs of an ever-growing population and the surge of professionals moving into London to take advantage of bigger and better opportunities. Property tycoons have developed hundreds of homes across London. 

Canary Wharf, in particular, has a plethora of upmarket accommodation on offer for sale and to rent. Making Canary Wharf an attractive option for people who aren’t too keen to remodel a fixer-upper home. And would instead rather move somewhere new, equipped with a new kitchen, bathroom suite and so forth. 

Picture by Jason Briscoe from Unsplash – CC0 Licence 

Moreover, with the assistance of the Help To Buy scheme administered by the government for first time buyers, budding professionals have a remarkable opportunity to acquire luxurious living with the support of a 20% equity loan from the government. People who would love the opportunity to live in the Canary Wharf district, but are unsure they have a big enough deposit to do it, can apply for Help To Buy with ease.

Professionals, in particular, often have little to no time to spend sprucing up their apartments and houses to the standard of elegance they crave. With canary wharf offering numerous luxury living quarters, potential buyers and renters have a selection of homes to choose from. With little needed in the way of effort for decor, or investment for renovating the property.

As Canary Wharf continues to rise in population, experience increased employment opportunities and adopts more restaurants and shops, the value of its properties shall continue to grow. Which makes this area a great place to buy, if you’re hoping to make a profit from your property investment when you later come to sell it.

Canary Wharf’s Playground

At night, residents and tourists have the opportunity to explore a range of high-end restaurants and modern, exclusive bars. For a dignified rendezvous with coworkers, or to celebrate a momentous occasion in your career, here are two places you will inevitably be drawn to. For whiskey drinkers and cocktail lovers, The Pagination and The Person Room are popular spots to chat and enjoy others company. 

The Canary Wharf nightlife scene has changed over the years and recently exploded. Spoiling its visitors with numerous fantastic bars and restaurants for people to socialize and have fun!

Suppose your idea of a great day is retail therapy. In that case, the four shopping malls in Canary Wharf are teeming with luxury shops selling high-end fashion. At the same time, high street labels are also present for your perusal. 

Other areas that may pique your interest in your spare time include the Museum of London Docklands. Prior to Canary Wharf’s advancement towards the skyscraper attraction we know today, Canary Wharf district was a port. The museum is dedicated to keeping the history of Canary Wharf alive and other areas of London too. For those who enjoy history and culture, the London Docklands museum is one for you, and it’s free to enter.

Canary Wharf and Commuting

There are plenty of travel options to choose from for access to Canary Wharf and away to your work destination. These are;

  • Underground Jubilee line: This is the most popular form of transport people use to access Canary Wharf, with trains running every few minutes to Stratford and Stanmore. To and from these locations you shall pass through North Greenwich, Green Park, Waterloo, and London Bridge.
  • Thames Clipper: From Canary Wharf pier, the Thames Clipper runs to both Woolwich and Putney. 
  • Docklands Railway: The DLR from Canary Wharf is open between 5.30 am, and 12.30 am. From the DLR, you can gain access to areas such as Lewisham and Greenwich.

A diverse range of transport links gives its residents a few options on how to travel. Other methods of transport include bus, taxi and cycling.

Canary Wharf is an attractive place to live for many. Noted as a safe area, it’s masses of new buildings, and range of new shops, bars and restaurants, means people can enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle.

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