Revamp; Men’s Grooming – It’s Just Polite

By Jo Phillips

Old notions of manliness are changing. In the societal move towards gender equality it’s becoming more acceptable for men to embrace a liberal view of masculinity rather than to reject it. The world of Mad Men’s Don Draper is gone (thank goodness) and unsurprising this shift has been reflected in the massively growing industry of men’s grooming. It’s no secret that today’s style icons like Ryan Gosling and Alex Turner take excellent care of themselves. So, it’s Revamp month and we’re considering men’s grooming – what’s on the market today? We’re not saying that you should spend an hour in front of the mirror each morning or buy 20 different products, but we need to take some care. It’s just polite.


Lock Stock & Barrel

Lock Stock & Barrel are a family run English company, who manufacture their products in the country. They deliver premium results for affordable prices – you can find their products in barber shops, salons and high-end retail shops. They are fully Leaping Bunny Certificated, meaning that they never test anything on animals. Today in London, high end grooming rooms are big business and the trend is quickly spreading. Anyone who has been to one of these barber shops knows there’s nothing feminine about them. Think debonair gent, with contemporary cool.

Recharge Moisture Shampoo

This shampoo is ideal for men with think, dry or frizz-prone hair as it leaves hair looking and feeling healthy. formulated with natural polymers and powerful humectants, it delivers intense hydration.

Volumatte Hair Powder

This is a styling powder that liquefies on contact with hair, adding instant lift and volume to fine, thinning or lifeless hair. Formulated with a blend of proteins which coat each strand of hair to help thicken and restore natural strength. This product leaves an ultra-matte texture with invisible hold.

Disorder Matte Clay

Formulated with natural clays, this product gives an ultra strong hold and is suited to an unruly and dishevelled aesthetic. The hold factor is rated 5/5 so you needn’t use too much.

Argan Blend Shave Oil

This is a light and transparent formula that lets the razor glide effortlessly across the skin, removing the chance of razor burn. It contains a nourishing blend of Starflower, Abyssinian and Argan oil, it softens and lifts the hair, leaving long lasting hydration without clogging the pores.

Ruck Matte Hair Putty

This putty gives an undone and messy look, with a medium hold, ideally suited to shorter hair. Again, the matte finish gives a natural and carefree image.

Freestyle Protein Gel

This is a firm or flexible hold gel depending on how it’s applied. If applied to wet hair it gives a slick aesthetic with a medium shine, but if applied to dry hair it can give a rough and high volume look.

A4_optHawkins & Brimble

Hakwins & Brimble is a British company established in 2016. Epitomising cool Britannia, the grooming brand reconsiders vintage rituals for the modern man, inspiring pride in masculinity. Hawkins & Brimble think investment in your appearance always pays off, so they create an effortless but edgy image, playful yet polished. Hawkins & Brimble are always free from parabens, colourants, SLS/SLES, mineral oils and animal testing.

Beard Oil

This product contains Argan oil, renowned for its moisturising benefits, thanks to its high amount of Vitamin E and fatty acids. This will help render a shine to your beard and ensure softness. It conditions and cleanses, leaving a great smell while fighting premature greying.

Pre-Shave Scrub

This scrub prepares the skin for the perfect shave. It contains walnut shell to gently rub away rough, dry skin and soften the hair for a more comfortable shave.

Post-Shave Balm

The balm is easily absorbed into the skin, replenishing moisture lost during shaving. It is then ideal for normal to dry skin. The blend of nourishing olive oil, almond oil and cocoa reduces redness for a smooth and finished complexion.

Shaving Cream

Hawkins & Brimble’s shaving cream creates a high quality lather and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soft post-shave.

Moulding Wax

This hair wax creates a lasting shine and hold without looking overly worked. It maintains a natural and carefree look for the modern man.

Moustache Wax.

For the man who wears a moustache, this wax is a blend of castor oil which tames unruly hair while bees wax provides unrivalled hold to shape and sculpt hair. To apply, comb the wax directly into the hair and work through.

Traditional Metal Safety Razor

Safety razors have been around since the 1880s, but recently we’ve seen a meteoric rise in their popularity. The retro safety blades are far cheaper than the modern equivalents. It’s widely acknowledged that these give the closest and most comfortable shave, along with a retro-cool aesthetic.

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Philips OneBlade

For people who wear facial hair or short beards, the Philips OneBlade is an excellent option. Revolutionary technology integrates a fast moving cutter with a dual protection system giving an efficient and comfortable shave. It includes 3 stubble combs, each for a different length of hair from 1, 3 and 5mm. The replaceable blades last up to 4months and the waterproof handle allows for wet and dry use.


Braun – Beard Trimmer BT3040 + free Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor

This beard trimmer has 39 adjustable length settings. The smart precision dial guarantees 100% control. Whether you want designer stubble, to maintain a full beard of just to trim the contours and edges of your face, this product is designer for it. The two detachable trimming combs are used to adjust the length settings between 1mm and 20mm. The entire razor is fully washable, making maintenance easy.

The new Fusion ProGlide includes FlexiBall technology which responds to the contours of your face to ensure maximum contact with a carefree shave. The enhanced LubraStrip contains more lubricant than previous models and a touch of mineral oil to counteract the effects of the 5 sharp blades on your skin.

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Founded in 1950 when a dermatologist at a hospital in Paris specializing in skin disease created a new legendary Milk-Cream Concentrate. The brand now boasts years of trusted expertise in derma-cosmetics. Uniquely, their products are approved of by dermatologists, chemists and makeup professionals. In more recent years the brand as branched into men’s products.

Energizing Shower Gel

This is a soap-free facial-body-hair formula which gently cleanses. Cleansing rather than using soap maintains the skins natural oils without drying up the skin and stripping it of its natural protection. The fresh and delicately fragranced foam easily washes the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.

Aftershave balm

With the balm, skin is soothed and moisturized, reducing redness due to the cocktail of natural active ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and soy proteins hydrate the skin, sooth razor burn and reduce redness. Tapioca starch matifies shiny areas and vitamin E helps to fight against premature ageing. Peppermint, cedar bark and witch hazel leaves tighten pores and tone the skin while an ultra-penetrating gel emulsion with a woody, minty scent leaves the skin supple, soft and energized.



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