Michael Arnold

By Jo Phillips

Michael Arnold is an illustrator, typographer and designer from the UK working boldly and simply through a range of contexts. For .Cent’s The He-She Issue guest-edited by Peter Jensen and Lou Dalton, he drew an illustration of the Dior Homme Spring Summer 2013 catwalk.

Michael is featured in the May 2013 edition of .Cent’s Breaking Boundaries newsletter, for which he shared insights as to whether he starts with design or material in her creative process.

He says, ‘I generally get an idea and begin illustrating straight into my laptop from that start, from there I usually work out if it’s going to work or not and I either delete and start again or refine. I have a lot of notebooks but they mainly contain words and phrases rather than sketches however I hand draw all my own typography which is then outlined in pen scanned in and then traced digitally, refining the letters as I go. In terms of materials this year I’m looking to move my style, whilst still graphic, into more tactile mediums such as painting and 3D work.’

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