Mineral; Vegan From Root to Tip

By Julie Jacobs

As we step into World Vegan Month, this gives us even more of a reason to fully dive into the lifestyle from head to toe. As more and more emerging brands across all sectors start implementing this value into their work, ‘Vegan’ seems to have become the latest buzz word just like ‘gluten free’ and ‘diversity’. However my ears do prick up whenever I hear a brand is cruelty free or Vegan as happened recently when I was back stage at the Di Liborio  show during London Fashion Week.  ColorProof Color Care Authority was the brand chosen by hairdresser Liam Curran for this show.  The look Liam created for the show stayed within the ethos of the brand, individual and vibrant; unkept and yet styled with loose plaits and emphasised naturally curly texture.
Hair colouring has reached new heights and I’m not talking about brunette or blonde tones which seems a bit boring now compared to the blues; greens; purples; yellow and pinks I see worn with confidence by so many.  ColorProof was created to nourish dyed hair and to protect it from UVA & B damage, brilliant for all those who are concerned about animal welfare…and their hair!Vegan-Root-Tips-1

 Words by Julie Jacobs

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