Nailed it

By Jo Phillips

Time to chirp up, summer time is around the corner. How about you start thinking about your go to summer nails trend? How about going chrome? Izabelle Hammon has a to die for collection of metallic chrome power just waiting to grace your hands and compliment your outfit.
The beauty of them is they have a super easy application, created with plasticiser technology that resists those dreaded chips, so time saved and IZ London provide nail technicians alongside the product.

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There are three sleek pigment powders available; The new Emerald Gold is a brassy gold chrome pigment with green undertones, creating a gorgeous shine that’s slightly darker than the Liquid Gold chrome pigment that creates a molten gold effect, and lastly but not least – Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all? The silvery Mirror shine pigment.

Sleek aren’t the only styles they cater for if you’re looking for a more groovy look you can get the Rainbow Daze power that adds a holographic finish, perfect for festival season.

Don’t quite match your outfit? Whilst it’s unlikely IZ London have another 48 shades of gel effect nail lacquers that have been designed for smooth application with high gel-like shine. You don’t even need to bother getting a Topcoat or visit the salon. With that much option, you absolutely have to check them out.

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If you are a perfectionist, or just really like your manicures looking the part don’t forget to start with a clean, fresh canvas by prepping your nails and cuticles by nourishing them with IZ cuticle oil. It’s a blend of natural oils that will nourish and hydrate your cuticles and prevent skin dryness, stops cracking and peeling. This new formula has a tropical scent that helps to strengthen and smooth the nail plate when used on natural nails. Another bonus is that it is a paraben-free formula and contains Almond oil.

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