News: Marc Patisserie Jura Whisky Chocolate Collection

By Jo Phillips

Rich, decadent, luxurious…All words that you may or may not associate with chocolates. Yet this is what we’ve found with the newest collection from Marc Patisserie. Stephen Glenister, head chocolatier, has created this new collection of chocolates infused with whisky from the island of Jura. The secluded island, located off the west coast of Scotland, has attracted attention for hundreds of years for being and staying fairly remote. One of their most famous exports, however, is the whisky from the only distillery present in Jura. The distillery, has been open since 1810, but had to be re-opened in 1963 after years of neglect.

chocs2 (Custom)

Not only is the whisky produced there, the collection is inspired by the rich history of the island and the few islanders that live there. The chocolates are adorned with detailed and marbled effect and are made with 70% Guanaja ganache. Each chocolate is named after different types of Jura whisky. The three chocolates in collection are:

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Superstition – The smoky and spiciness of the whisky is present in this chocolate which refers to the superstitions of past islanders.

Diurach’s 16 years’ old – A favourite whisky choice of the islanders. Like the name suggests, the chocolate is infused with whisky that has aged for 16 years. It includes hints of toffee and citrus fruits.

Prophecy – This name ‘prophesy’ refers to a legend where a prophecy was made that the last Campbell would leave the island losing all their fortune. In 1938, this was said to come true. The spiciness of the whisky is offset by the sweetness of the chocolate.

This collection brings together the French technique of chocolates and the Scottish expertise of whisky, creating a collection that is as delicious as is beautifully designed.

The collection is sold exclusively at Selfridges. For more information, click here.

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