Power; CBD, the Healer and Helper

By Jo Phillips

The talk of CBD oils in this country is not just growing; it also shows no signs of abating. The seemingly miracle product is gaining momentum. Here at .Cent we have talked about it for several years: since it became legal in the UK in 2016, it is becoming not only more fashionable, but also more readily available. It is also more openly discussed, with new brands popping into the market daily (from big brands from across the pond – where it has been legal far longer than the UK – to small independent natural makers based here).

CBD, unlike cannabis, is produced from hemp only and contains no THC. So you can’t get high from the product, but it has many many benefits and as lots of research is being done information that is accurate is becoming increasingly available.

Reputedly, CBD has many health benefits. There may be little medical paperwork (much of this will be coming in the next few months), but there is a wealth of user evidence, including excellent results of having anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, analgesic and neuroprotective qualities.

This week alone we were introduced to three new brands made with health benefits, and something for period pains and even a skin tanning brand with hemp included. So here are just a few of the latest items in the UK market…

American brand Ignite brings its CBD to the UK:

Their DNA is to make the purest cannabis products worldwide. Tested and retested for pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria, microbials, and anything else that could possibly be harmful. Sourcing the oil from the finest flower, the brand utilise state-of-the-art technology, indoor and light-assisted greenhouse facilities, and work with pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing labs.

Their products on sale in the USA include full cannabis offerings, but here in the UK they offer only CBD products: a wide range from drops and tinctures to vapes and lip balms. The drops come in several flavours and have specific suggested uses.

Their CBD oil is blended with fractionated coconut oil to give the benefits of medicinal CBD with a herbal lift. Featuring an integrated easy-drop applicator, the Ignite Tongue Drops can be used orally as well as topically on the skin. The flavours added are made with natural essential oils.

For lucidity needs, there are both natural flavour and blood orange drops, which help you concentrate and think clearly. You can also recharge with a tropical fruit version, designed to get you going and started in the morning (or afternoon, or middle of the night if that’s what you need). For a calming hit there is lavender or cucumber lemon mint, both of which are great for those who have trouble sleeping or just generally want to calm down.

They offer three lips balms for use at the end of a stress-filled day, or to supply grounding to help you start a new one, with mango natural and cucumber lemon mint flavours.

When it comes to vaping, there are two offerings: the rechargeable Ignite edition that works with disposable liquid CBD pods placed inside the vaporizer to allow for a satisfying experience. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the pen features a smooth, matte black ceramic coating and weighs just 22g. Flavours are calm pink chill, pod lucid blood orange, and recharge tropical fruits.

There are also disposable versions – one in pink chill, one in blood orange and one in tropical fruits.



Find out more here: ignite.co



Next: British brand Green Stem, based near Guildford in Surrey:

Initially started by brothers Brett and Simon Horth in order to aid their mother’s painful arthritis and restless nights, the brand created a balm she used with CBD to rub into areas of pain.

Brett already had a vaping company, so was becoming more aware of CBD oils as it reached the vaping community (before it spread to others). Using a desire to help their mum as a springboard, they have turned the personal triumph into a business and built up a large offering with a high content of CBD. The brand has everything from vapes to topical oils, drops and sprays, lip balm… and even a bath bomb!

The brand properly introduced products to the market in March 2019, at the first hemp and CBD Expo in the UK (where they won a handful of awards). It was here that the chemist Boots spotted them; they are now stocked in two flagship Boots stores with a national roll-out coming soon.


The oils themselves are finely-crafted CBD e-liquids which are infused with 99%+ purity, free from THC and its psychoactive effects. The CBD compound is effectively isolated from the rest of the hemp/cannabis plant and, as such, from the psychoactive properties associated with hemp consumption.

Their oral tinctures are crafted from ethically sourced hemp with pure coconut oil, which is infused with 85% active CBD.

Their products list includes vape starter kits – which can be paired with their own Green Stem CBD vape e-liquid collection, which makes for fast and easy absorption rates. To go with this, they offer a range of fruity fresh flavours of vape oils, including apple, raspberry, lemon and mango, cherries and berries, and even stem peppermint.

As well as vaping liquids they sell a selection of three flavoured oils that are taken orally. For the body they offer lip salves in naturals and eucalyptus, a green stem CBD hand cream and a CBD bath bomb.

Find out more at greenstemcbd.com/

Next: another British brand, Oto:

The brand was started by a small group of friends wanting to know more about the power of CBD, and help both themselves and others in an area that’s still so misunderstood. They aimed to primarily help people with sleep anxiety, energy pain and insomnia, alongside bringing a sense of enjoyment to the oils. Their products help magnify the good stuff, focusing on bringing a sense of balance to the everyday things we all have to deal with.

The offering is interesting too. Starting with what they refer to as “Bitters” (shots of CBD to mix with water juice); these require just 3 dashes of the bitter to deliver 50mg of CBD. The product grounds and connects you to the very present of a moment, offering something to bring you back to your best “now”.  It is almost a modern-day equivalent to bitters put into cocktails; but this is not about getting drunk, rather becoming alive and connected – so, healthy hedonism if you like.

They even offer cocktail recipes on their website, for example:

La Vie En Rose

40ml Rose Water & Honey
Dry Sparkling Wine
3 dashes OTO CBD Bitters


They also offer 3 styles of CBD roll-ons (one for each mood of the day), combining pure CBD with complex global ingredients. These include Focus CBD with Ylang Ylang flower, Rosemary and peppermint; Amplify CBD with Bergamot Bitter Orange and sandalwood; and Balance  CBD oil with lavender chamomile and Cajeput. Their suggestion is to roll on the wrist (a perfect pulse point) three times a day.

Find out more here: otocbd.com/

And there’s even more:

Luxury CBD brand Graces London are supplying an Organic Tampon subscription service (OHNE) to formulate a revolutionary Anti-Teardrops Oil targeted at easing those period pangs.

Simply rub a few drops directly on your tummy across the uterus area or lower back to help easy monthly pain, or even put a few drops in the bath… or if you are feeling especially brave: add a few drops onto your Tampon before using for a very direct hit. Whichever way you choose to use the oil, it is just as effective.



That’s not all… what about Hemp in your body tan and shimmer?

The Italian beauty brand That’s So have created a collection of natural tans and body shimmers with hemp included (with protection and soothing abilities).

First there’s Plus Hemp That’so Sun Makeup On-The-Go Dark Hemp Instant Spray Tanning Makeup (125ml).

Featuring trend ingredient hemp water from Cannabis sativa seed extract and instant colour from semi-transparent natural food colouring, with ‘no transfer technology’, that’s ‘white shirt tested’.  The cannabis sativa seed extract is rich in antioxidant Omegas 3 and 6 to protect skin from free radical damage. The product is easy to spray on or apply with a tanning mitt.

There is also Glowly in Gold, Hemp and Rice oil-infused Body Shimmer, available in bronze and gold and designed to nourishe the skin.

Find out more here: www.thatsoskincare.com

Over the next few months, there is due to be far more data published on what CBD can do for us. Its health and well-being benefits are expected in scientific reports due that will appear in public forums. There will be lots more information – hopefully, all of it informative and helpful for everyone.




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