Power; I did it my way

By Nikki Narayanan

Sally Hansen, who was she? 

A. She was a dancer who left her family business and moved to California.

B. She was a fearless, independent woman who’s ideas were beyond her time.

C. She was a self-made woman who created affordable beauty products including gel nails that do not cause cracking.

Which one was the real Sally? Well actually, she was all of them. 

The 1920s were a time where male dominance was a pandemic, women were seen as housewives while men do the real work. After years of dancing in Hollywood and living the Californian partying life, Sally had taken over her parents cosmetics business and made a name for herself as a self-empowering woman. She had reinvented their business as the House of Hollywood and transformed it into her own anomalous creation of beauty. As the 1940s started approaching, House of Hollywood had bolstered into a large factory.

Sally had left her husband, friends, and her old Hollywood life to set out on her own, breaking any social conventions of the dominance of men. Sally Hansen Inc. would later grow to become the number one nail brand in the USA. Sally Hansen inspired women everywhere; the self-made women, not someone who came from money or wealth but created a successful business by herself. She is continuing to inspire future minds by her new gel nails that can be done right from your household.

The company with more than 125 global beauty awards now introduces gel nails without the light hybrid. Products target every nail need: strengthening, growth treatments, cuticle care, and base/topcoats. Now all of your nail needs can be solved all while receiving the look of gel nails.


Are you tired of that regular trip to the nail salon along with the expensive costs just to have your nail start peeling? Well, Sally Hansen could be your saviour. 

Ranging to over 70 different shades, lasting up to 14 days, all while receiving a chip-resistant polish that looks like the perfect manicure, Sally Hansen has it all.

The gel collection has now introduced five new shades, colours like Fuschia Fever (neon pink), Miami Ice (neon blue), Peach Please (neon orange), and Electric Lime (neon green). You will also be able to receive the new topcoat and matte topcoat to top off your gel look.

The polish is all but 2 easy steps away from acquiring your dream manicure. You first have to apply the two coats of the Miracle Gel colour you desire. Then apply one coat of the Miracle Gel coat so it can activate the gel formula. If you have followed the directions correctly, you will receive high-gloss, mirror shine, or matte finish manicure. Unlike other gel products, this can be easily removed with regular nail polish. So instead of having to go to your manicurist to get your nails taken off properly, you can do it in seconds right in your house for a cheaper cost.


Along with the gel products, Sally Hansen has now introduced Insta-Dri. Available in 24 different shades and dries in just 60 seconds while delivering full-coverage colour and shine. All it needs is an application of one coat and the magic happens. 

No more chipping, peeling, cracking, or unhealthy nails, you can receive all your nail needs instantaneously and affordably if you put your trust in Sally Hansen.

General information here: sallyhansen.com/uk

Miracle Gel: sallyhansen.com/uk/nail-color/miracle-gel 

Insta-Dri: sallyhansen.com/uk/nail-color/insta-dri

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