By Zelie Vandermeiren

Many artists find their creativity in using objects in a different way to make art. Gregor Hildebrandt is one of them, and his new exhibition In Bunten Sträußen ließ den Duft der Sterne Schneier is once again proved that he masters it. Learn all about it with Reartpretation.

In Bunten Sträußen ließ den Duft der Sterne schneien is a Germain translation from the french poem Apparition by Stephane Mallarmé. It could be translated in English as “Snow white bouquets of scented stars”. These Hildebrandt’s artworks are a part of “Reflections” a series of flowers he has been doing ever since 2009.

Here VHS tapes are applied to entirely cover a canvas. Then a composition of flowers is set in front of it. Each composition of flowers and vases are different. And it’s by using a certain angle that Hildebrandt is able to only show the floral composition and its reflection. Each artwork is done by the same process, but still, each one of them is unique.

The poem is called Apparition, and it’s exactly how the VHS could be described as in Hildebrandt’s work. Only making an apparition. But just as Mallarmé’s lover in his poem, it’s what makes it unique.

Vincent Van Gogh and Gerhard Richter were inspirations for Hildebrandt’s work. And it’s easy to find each of the two artists’ universes joined in Hildebrandt’s artwork. The flowers as the main subject just as Vincent Van Gogh did it many times. And the blurriness which is the abstract of Richter is seen with the technique of the VHS tape and the reflection.

Gregor Hildebrandt re-art-pretation of the VHS tape, as he done before  as he has become known for his transformation of outdated recording mediums such as VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and vinyl records turning them into an art practice. Giving it a new purpose and using techniques that allow VHS tapes a new lease of life.

The ten’s Gregor Hildebrandt artworks from In bunten Sträußen ließ den Duft der Sterne schneien can be seen in an online viewing room from Almine Rech. Learn more about it, here.

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