Scent Fallen

By Jo Phillips

Its that time of year when the blossom has reached its optimum richness and now all that is left are petals scattered everywhere. The Scent has fallen…

But did you take a moment to go and push your nose right onto a bloom?…quite remarkable isn’t it? The apple tree sweet with honey and sugar but with a hint of sharpness that is like the taste at the tip of the tongue. An invitation maybe to remind us what fruit will be born.

All around the world different blooms display their flowers and scents as universal as the sun coming up and going down. Think Cherry blossom in Japan or Orange blossom in Italy

Spring brings with her a reminder of the juicy summer to come when the universe shares her food with us

Jo Malone has a new collection celebrating a small selection of blossom scents. There are four delicious fragrances to choose to celebrate from including Citrus to Water via Wildflowers; the collection has a collection of colognes candle and reed differs.

Starting with Yuja with Wood Sage & Sea Salt for a zesty fresh fragrance, think ripening abundance of verdant trees and a fizzy aroma. Available in Cologne form.

Next comes Waterlily with English Pear & Freesia for a blooming, delicious scent, so think of the floral crown jewels of the garden pond in springtime. Also available in Cologne form.

If you are a lover of that soft apricot tone of blossom then Osmanthus Blossom with Peony & Blush Suede is the fragrance for you; a flirtatious, juicy, and sweet warming Cologne.

The last in this set of limited edition Colognes is Silk Blossom with Wild Bluebell which encapsulates the scent of this tempting bloom, irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies, for a refreshing floral fragrance.

However, don’t forget the house signature floral scent, Orange Blossom, which to the collection brings a special-edition Home Candle and Diffuser into the set.

as a special little extra there is also a Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne Pen. The much-loved perfume is inspired by London’s Covent Garden early morning market. Notes of succulent nectarine, peach, cassis, and delicate spring flowers melt into acacia honey. Pocket-sized and perfect to dab on your pulse points to refresh during you day

If you still have any delicious blossom handing from a tree go and spend a moment enjoying its glory. If you suffer from hayfever or there is no blossom left, then know that for a short time only you can get any of these four limited edition scents from Jo Malone.

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