Smells Like You

By Sally Blodgett

The perfume bottle we reach for in the morning can tell lot about how we feel in that day or even in that moment. We might choose something light and floral when we want to feel fresh; or something deep and sweet when we want to feel seductive and elegant.  The perfume we may chooses to wear can feel extremely personal.  Something picked out specifically to maybe enhance feeling a bit more confident, more beautiful, more yourself?  Even more personal than picking out a perfume for yourself can be making and designing a scent for yourself or someone you love; a scent that no one else in the entire world will have.  The Experimental Perfume Club in London offers patrons this unique experience as well as workshops designed to teach you all about what makes a great perfume great.  Read more about this fully involved experience in Smells Like You.

Why do you reach for that rose and bergamot fragrance on bright summer mornings? Why does the jasmine perfume your grandmother used to wear make you feel better on days where you’re a little bit homesick? Scents connect with our memories; we can find a person in the perfume. Having a signature scent that is all your own can feel personal by itself, but actually understanding what makes the magic happen when you put perfume on your skin is something else entirely.  We understand that when a perfume meets our skin, it creates a scent identity unique to us.

Everyone is unique, and so is our skin; the pH levels and types of our skin is different for everyone, so a perfume might smell great on you, but not on someone else.  A perfume might smell strongly of one note when you first put it on but fade away to let the underlying notes shine later in the day.  For an instant let the sweetness of vanilla transport you to flowing childhood memories like the innocence of eating ice cream with your family in the summer, but then fall away to a spring promenade through a field of roses. Memories are part of our identity; a perfume might make us feel one way and evoke a completely different emotion in someone else. These are factors that influence why we love the perfumes that we love.

When we understand and engage with a perfume’s journey from ingredient to bottle to skin, we can appreciate the way a fragrance makes us feel that much more. Learning about these different factors and knowing what to look for in our perfumes, allows us to fully involve ourselves in the personal experience that is wearing a perfume.  Founder of the Experimental Perfume Club, Emmanuelle Moeglin, takes her experience studying perfumery and working for esteemed perfumers to her own shop, offering a playful perfume education to anyone seeking that involvement.

Emmanuelle Moeglin has felt the personal connection with perfumery for her whole life, but her love for the ingredients and exploration came later when she studied at the Givadaun perfume laboratory and the perfumery school Isipca in Paris. Now, she brings her passion for perfume creation to the general public so anyone and everyone can adventurously explore the amazing world of scent.

The Experimental Perfume Club offers a range of six essential fragrances designed to be worn on their own or blended together to create a layered scent experience. There is a garden of scents waiting for you. Have fun playing with scents by mixing together different combinations of fragrance until you find one that wins for you. Pick jasmine and rose floral blend one day and then combine bergamot, rhubarb, and sandalwood the next; the opportunities are endless just for you to explore. The shop combines the fun of a science experiment with the confidence of wearing a perfume that makes you feel great.

Understanding perfume and all its facets is how we engage with fragrance and make it even more personal. Not only is the Experimental Perfume Club a store selling their own unique range of scents, but it also provides a variety of different workshops for people to explore the behind the scenes of perfumery. Guests can learn about how to make perfumes and how to recognize a great scent.  The workshops, led by a trained perfumer, are designed to teach you how to identify a variety of different scents and fragrance families, learn the basics of perfume formulation, and curate two of your very own unique scents.  Above all else, the workshops let you experience the playfulness of combining different scents to create something completely unique. You get to be involved in every aspect of the perfume process and come out on the other side with knowledge and experience.

The Experimental Perfume Club is also completely involved in the production of their own perfume range.  All perfumes sold are made in the store and by hand using cruelty-free and vegan ingredients.  The shop cares about the quality and the content of their perfumes and wants to encourage that kind of care in those of us who wear perfume.

The scent of the perfume bottle you reach for in the morning is personal; it’s something that you picked out specifically to make you feel, and smell, your best that day.  The perfume we wear says a lot about ourselves and our personalities, so we might as well have fun with it. Playing around with scent and eventually developing your own unique fragrance can make that experience even more personal. The Experimental Perfume Club allows you to have that involvement.  Take charge of your signature scent now.

The Experimental Perfume Club offers half day, full day, one on one, and corporate workshops, as well as online lessons to teach you all about making a fragrance.

You can also purchase vouchers to gift the Experimental Perfume Club experience to someone you love.

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