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By Pascal Ebner

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Laura White knows how to break the silence – we had a listen to her new EP “What My Mother Taught Me”, including the four tracks: ‘Come On Josephine’, ‘Jimi Hendrix’, Rush Hour’ and ‘To Be Loved’. The songstress does not only write her own songs but also manages to fill them with this soulful energy that warms the heart and makes you forget the cold outside.

The aspiring artist has decided to follow her on path and courageously declined major labels – pushing her own way through the wild music jungle. Her brand new EP “What My Mother Taught Me” is just the start of something big, because Laura is determined to get her music out there and her songs are the best proof.

Most of you might know Laura White from X-Factor (back in 2008) when the chanteuse was voted off the show. However, Laura managed to turn the tables and is happy to present her music to the world – without the X-Factor image. This, and of course her music, caught our attention and we had the chance to ask Laura a few questions – read below about the meaning of her title, her aspirations, what we can expect and more:

.Cent: First of all: We’re really enjoying your music! – You’ve just released your debut EP a few days ago – how does it feel to get your music out there?

Laura White: Thank you so much it’s amazinggggggg!! I’ve been writing for a LONG time so it’s great to see the music out and the response it’s had.

.Cent: You chose quite an interesting title for your first EP – Do you actually talk about the things your mother taught you? If yes, would you like to share an example with us?

Laura White: Yes! I have learned a lot of life lessons, however my mother taught me a lot too so I wanted to show that! E.g. my mother taught me: always love who you are and be yourself; and “To be Loved” is my song saying I wanted my friend to love me as he should and be honest about that.

.Cent: How do you personally feel about the X-Factor debacle? Would you have preferred to stay in the show or are you quite happy about the outcome?

Laura White: I am happy! Obviously the longer you are in the show is all coverage, which helps musically but I was discussed in parliament so I was so grateful for the publics amazing support.

.Cent: Since you’re writing your own songs – do you think of it as an easy task or is it rather demanding? Has there ever been a writer’s block? If yes, what’s the best way to take care of it?

Laura White: I sometimes don’t get enough ideas or exciting concepts that come to me so I go out and look for more inspiration! Writing is something I enjoy doing so much.. I write every single day either songs, poetry or just in my diary!

.Cent: Writing your own lyrics is certainly an achievement these days. Do you think it is easy to keep music natural nowadays?

Laura White: Not always, my music is quite organic, when I write I always start with chords, a piano and rarely like to add big production so it can be a struggle to keep so organic when everyone wants pop pop pop! I always write all my own lyrics/melody so this gives me much more control as an artist.

.Cent: Where would you like to see yourself in about ~ 5 years? Also: any big plans coming up?

Laura White: Winning a grammy is my dream! Touring in March and keep releasing music to the world!

Now it’s time to have a listen to her new EP:

If you’d like to hear and see more of Laura White – then you might want to head over to her official website, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud for more tunes.

Laura White’s new EP “What My Mother Taught Me” is available now and can be purchased on iTunes.

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