Stop and Smell the Roses

By Sally Blodgett

No two floral bouquets are alike. They are a freeform medium of art that combines many different facets together to bring out the best parts of each individual flower. Like a bouquet, the scent of a perfume isn’t just one thing; it has many accents tied in to create the whole picture. For example, Diptyque’s classic, Eau Rose that just happens to be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Read more about the intricate bouquets behind this rose scent below in Stop and Smell the Roses. Image below and on left Harry Stonhill..

Tied together with a bow, different colours, shapes, and sizes of flowers and plants are assembled to create beautiful and unique bouquets.  Bouquets offer the freedom to combine any group of flowers together to create something beautiful. These flower arrangements have multiple purposes decoration, expressing love or sympathy, self love and more. 

Roses are one of the most well-known flowers in the world, they are often the centrepiece of magnificent bouquets.  Roses have many uses; in cooking, medicines, decorations, and beauty.  One of the main uses of a rose, though, is in scents.

The scent of a rose is almost as well-known as the flower itself.  It’s a rich, floral scent that immediately transports you outdoors into the sunshine surrounded by flowers. Rose scents are popular in perfumes, candles, and many other products.

A great rose Eau de Parfum is like a bouquet of flowers because it includes different scents to accent and uplift the scent of the rose.  Sometimes the rose smell is combined with other strong scents, like vanilla, bergamot or lavender, but other times lighter smells are added in to just heighten a rose’s already beautiful aroma.

One of the most complete rose scents is Diptyque’s Eau Rose.  It infuses the fragrant Centifolia and Damascena roses alongside a scent of the ‘whole’ of the plant, think, the thorns, leaves, and buds, creating the image of the full rose, rather than just the petals. Present is the honeyed scent of rose petals, but there is almost a freshness from the thorn and a sense of greenness from the stem leaves; a whole celebration of this divine flower.

Diptyque is celebrating Eau Rose’s 30th birthday with a limited edition release only available until March. Previously, Eau Rose has only been offered in an eau de toilette, but now you can purchase the classic scent in a long-lasting Eau de Parfum. To honour the anniversary of this classic scent Diptyque is also releasing an entire collection surrounding it using specially made packaging, illustrated just for this collection.  So not only is the bottle an EDP it is also uniquely decorated.

Also included is a clever way to smell the scent of Eau Rose in your home. Four candles burnt together make up the smell of the divine perfume. This quad of candles; one rose, one artichoke, one lychee, and one chamomile which, when burned at the same time, produce the fragrance of this infamous Eau Rose scent. There is also an elegant oval mirror so you can repurpose your empty candle and display a beautiful bouquet of roses.

The design illustrations, for both the scent and candle foursome of the limited edition product release were all done in collaboration with artist Maurice Harris. Harris, who thrives off the unexpected, combined the elegance of the rose with whimsical colours and flamboyant flowers, like bird-of-paradise.

Diptyque’s Eau Rose is a famous scent that incorporates the freedom of a bouquet by not only including the scent of a rose petal, but also including all the facets of a rose’s scent; artichoke, chamomile, and lychee (litchi in French).

Like a perfume, floral bouquets are a beautiful freeform medium of art that can be made with numerous different unique combinations of flowers and plants, and Diptyque’s Eau Rose is a magnificent bouquet of scent.

Take a look at the collection from Diptyque here.

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