Swing: Oscillating into a dream clean

By Jo Phillips

Winter is slowly setting in and our skin is the first thing which shows the effects of the harsher weather.  We’ve been checking out the new Mia collection from luxe skincare brand Clarisonic to see if it’s possible to achieve that dream clean.

The Clarisonic is a high powered, rechargeable handheld cleansing device with a face brush which uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, in an oscillating movement to deeply cleanse and buff the skin.  Using it for just one minute – yes just 60 of your good seconds – every day during your usual washing routine, the Clarisonic aims to give you much smoother feeling and looking skin, compared to typical washing methods.

Speaking to Jeanette Nexgaard of Clarisonic, .Cent Beauty found out that Clarisonic’s research has proven to be six times more effective than washing with your hands alone.   Pictured below, Clarisonic trialled the oscillating brush against manual washing and tested the levels of makeup present before and after cleansing.

You can clearly see how much (or little) is left in the images on participants who used the brush.  Impressive huh!  And still in just one minute!  Genius.  “Each Clarisonic kit comes with a brush head and our cleansing gel, but once this has run out you are of course free to use any of your own liquid or gel cleansers providing they don’t contain beads or additional exfoliants as they will be too harsh on the skin, given you are already exfoliating and buffing with the brush,” explained Jeanette.

Cent - Clarisonic research

Jeanette adds “These are just so easy to use, simply charge up the device for a good 24 hours prior to use, and then the pre-set “T-Timer”  means  you don’t even have to think about application and timings.  Simply turn on the brush, hold against your forehead, 20 seconds later the Clarisonic will pause and that’s your signal to change area- so go to your chin and nose, 20 seconds later, the brush is timed to spend 10 seconds cleansing each cheek, each time giving you the pulsing signal to change area.  It couldn’t be easier!”   

The brushes come in a selection of colours and designs, with the very pretty, limited edition Winterlace design (below) currently available until stocks last.  Swing your way to dreamy, clean, skin.

Cent - winterlace clarisonic


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