The “Rum” Map

By Jo Phillips

With the variety of rum on the market, it’s difficult to identify what to purchase. You could island hop around the world in search for the best rum, but you may get a little drunk. Thus, we have identified the best rums from Berry Bros. & Rudd and their origins. Just check out the map to see what nation’s rums you’re interested in and read away! (The order of explanations is left to right, starting with Haiti and ending with Mauritius).




1. Haiti

The Caribbean is known for their rich rums filled with a mixture of fruits. Rums from Haiti follow this trend perfectly.

Berrys’ Own Selection Haiti Rum (46%)

Haiti gives a rich, molasses based rum that blends with dark toffee and a burst of fruit. Spice and smokiness can also be found in this Caribbean-inspired rum.

2. Barbados

This Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela has not only an exotic lifestyle, but also exotic rums.

Doorly’s XO Oloroso Sherry Cask Fin R.L. Seales (40%)

Blended with rums aged from 6 to 12 years old, Doorly’s is a mix of Barbados’s finest and oldest rums. Known for its smoothness, this rum is extremely elegant.

St. Nicholas Abbey 15-year-old Rum (40%)

This rum is rich, spicy, sweet, and smooth. With hints of chocolate, dried fruit, vanilla, burnt sugar, and spices, this rum is wonderfully enjoyable and can be sipped with both dinner and dessert.

3. Jamaica 

Debatably “paradise”, Jamaica’s smooth, stunning beaches are reflected through their silky, tropical rums.

1977 Berrys’ Exceptional Casks (60.3%)

This rare, 35-year-old Jamaican rum exudes scents of cigars, coconut, spices, and banana. The palate is extremely rich and juicy, reflecting the Caribbean perfectly.

4. Nicaragua 

A nation in Central America, the warm nature of the country is reflected through their unique rums.

Berrys’ Own Selection Nicaraguan Rum (46%)

This fine Nicaraguan rum gives hints of honey, tobacco, and spice. The palate is extremely spicy and lively, with also smooth and silky notes from vanilla and toffee.

5. Colombia 

This nation in South America’s sweet, spicy, and unique rums reflect the nation as a whole!

La Hechicera Fine Aged Rum (40%)

With hints of coffee, chocolate, peppermint, chilli, and vanilla, this rum from Colombia reflects both the sweet and spicy side the nation and its rums have to offer.

6. Guyana 

Ever since the early 1600s, Guyana’s sugarcane plantaions have created delicious rum. Due to its location- South America- its rich flavor and unique fruit use set these rums seperate from others.

1998 Berrys’ Own Guyana Rum (46%)

This rum consists of dark, fruity aromas- such as prunes and raisins- while also including a light touch of vanilla, apples, and pears.

El Dorodo- White Guyana Rum (40%)

Incredibly smooth and a mix of Caribbean and South American styles, this rum is a perfect combination of citrus and vanilla, along with chocolate and raisins.

7. Anguilla

In the center of the Caribbean, Anguilla’s rums truly encompass the essence of island life- perfect for relaxing on the beach.

Pyrat XO Reserve Rum (40%)

With a buttery, vanilla and orange based taste and texture, this Anguillan rum is not only sweet and delightful, but also has a bit of a bite to it.

8. Mauritius

Located in East Africa, this beautiful island also creates beautiful rums. Smooth and rich, while also fruity, sets these East African rums apart form the rest.

The Pink Pigeon (40%)

Refreshing, this rum uses a blend of well-defined spirit and vanilla to bring a unique taste to the palate.

Penny Blue, XO Single Estate (43.3%)

Penny Blue is not only enjoyable, but hard to find. Although each batch is rich and fruity, they are all unique from one another, allowing for this brand to be not only enjoyable, but an exciting experience.

Penny Blue, Single Cask No. 28 (45%)

This rum is extremely scarce with only 198 bottles available, and at such high demand! Natural and inviting, this rum includes hints of tropical fruits, vanilla, toffee, and sandalwood.


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