This Extraordinary Kitchen

By Smriti Agrahari

As Lockdown is on the verge of easing, we are looking towards meeting family and friends. Its time to come out of the virtual world with filters, but to get involved in self-care and look flawless when we meet our loved ones. Get a tour of the new range of This Extraordinary Kitchen products that Ecooking has to offer at this point in time.

Hand-mixing raw ingredients at her kitchen table to create skincare for herself. This is when the founder Tina Søgaard initiated to bring together nature and skincare. This inhouse product range produced by her resulted in a noticeable difference in her skin and made her family and friends desperate to get their hands on her product line. 

Creating the right balance, ECooking which stands for Eco and Cooking was born. Eco referring to ecological and organic and Cooking refers to everything been developed in an ordinary kitchen with extraordinary intension. Putting all of this together there is now a complete line of versatile products, which utilise organic and natural super-ingredients to bring miraculous results to your skin.

This February Tina Søgaard launches a new dermatological haircare collection containing natural ingredients. The vegan range has been formulated to cater to the expectations of a wide range of hair type. Along with these are the brilliantly formulated and developed capsule collection with both the scalp and hair in mind. This product line is SLS and SLES free. Not only it provides UVA and pollution protection. The haircare range also offers the users a selection of multi-functional shampoos and conditioners plus a nourishing hair mask and mist.

The Volume Shampoo and Conditioner works for all hair types including delicate hair, containing natural peptides, proteins and amino acids which thickens and smoothens hair strands, providing volume. The Volume Shampoo has ingredients called niacinamide which strengthens and improves hair health. The Volume Conditioner stars electrolytes to absorb and retain moisture for softer, smoother hair.

The Repair Shampoo and Conditioner is beneficial for those with dry hair as the amino acids extracted from vegetables help the dry hair resulting in velvety smooth, frizz-free hair. The Hair Mask is the blend of naturally extracted coconut oil, provitamin B5, aloe vera, mango butter; this multi-tasking formula softens and protects damaged hair whilst locking in moisture.

Ecooking’s Seawater For Hair is designed to provide nourishment while protecting them from pollution and UV rays. The floral hair mist contains natural sea salt, organic roman chamomile and provitamin B5.

The new range of antiageing Ecooking’s 50+ series is designed to address the ageing skin and provide nourishment and restoration of the skin. The fragrance-free vegan collection are dermatologically tested includes Face Oil, Wake Up Cream, 50+ Serum and Goodnight Cream.

Ecooking’s new Face Oil is enriched with Vitamin E, rosehip, olive, jojoba, almond oil and CBD (extracted from citrus peel).The Wake Up Cream is designed to increase collagen production, reduce pores and improve the appearance of fine lines. The SPF20 protect the skin from harmful UV rays throughout the day.

The 50+ Serum contain stem cells (extracted from olive trees) which aid in skin rejuvenation and keeping them hydrated. Ending the day with the nourishing Goodnight Cream which restores and replenish the skin whilst asleep as it contains a blend of CBD and stem cells to strengthen and renew the skin.

Ecooking is stocked at and UK retailers including Look Fantastic, Beauty Expert, Beauty Bay, Mankind, Feel Unique, John Bell & Croyden and Indulge Beauty. If you find This Extraordinary Kitchen interesting, please look into Plump it Up

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