By Smriti Agrahari

Fancy a full-bodied scented candle for your partner this Christmas? The unconventional idea of creating scented candles especially for all genders evolved in the kitchen of Matthew Herman and David Kien, the co-founders of Boy Smells at LA. This fluid yet essential product is not for Him, Her or Genderless. The founders created a product range that is Genderful, all-embracing. They choose this description to dismantle traditional gender-norms and embrace a spectrum of gender identities.

Since 2016, Boy Smells has made its name in more than 30 countries, surpassing 500 retail locations.

The collection is made up of 15 core editions, that are all developed and mixed in the Los Angeles studio with fine perfume, essential oils and an all-natural proprietary blend of coconut and beeswax. The candles are hand-poured in a reusable glass vessel, and are paraben, paraffin, sulphate, phthalate and cruelty-free.

Ash – With the essence of firewood, smoke, charcoal, palo santo and hay the permeates after the burn. A lingering accord of bright juniper berry round out this modern, smoky scent.

Cashmere Kush – The aroma of pot flower, cashmere wood, white amber, vetiver with the freshness of tulip and powdery musk. It is smoky, dark and sensual interpretation of our best-selling green scented candle.

Cedar Stack – A prettier take on the classic wood scent—cedar chips and dried tobacco are led into deeper spiced floral notes of labdanum, while notes of peppercorn add a light bite to this smell, both modern and nostalgic.

Cinderose – Inspired by the nature the Rose, tuberose, oakmoss and smoke.

Cowboy Kush – Themed after “enjoying a joint at a rousing rodeo.” This tumbleweed of a scent is Suede, saffron flower, labdanum, pot leaf, tonka, raspberry and patchouli.

Gardener – Citrus groves and tomato gardens petitgrain, white tea and honeysuckle.

Hinoki Fantome – Resin, hinoki, cardamom, jasmine, moss and guiac are the inspiration for this range of candle.

June’s – Inspired by the vibrant June’s All Day cafe and wine bar of Austin, Texas, the candle recalls memories of late nights spent at cafes

Kush – Wisp of delicate flowers with white musk, tulip and amber infused with pot suede.

Lanai – Return to the island with the essence of Coconut, pink peppercorn, orange blossom, coal and clove.

Les – A french word meaning plural of article used for both masculine and feminine nouns inspired by Black currant, peach blossom, jasmine rice, cardamom and white cedar

Petal – Magnolia, night-blooming tuberose, and purple geranium float you away while golden amber and exotic musk bring you back to earth in this hyper floral concoction.

Purple Kush – Violet take on the known smell of Pot, vetiver and suede

Prunus – Bright, citrusy notes of yuzu and Asian plum play dominant roles to create a fruit-forward scent. Grounded in earthy oakmoss, it remains feminine, fresh and lush.

Redhead – These are rare and fervent, much like the ingredients in this namesake candle. Grounded in redwood cedar, notes such as frankincense, amber, and cashmeran add a regality. – This candle has powerful notes of holy wood and exotic florals, layered with undertones of frankincense.

These range of unique flavours create loving identity a daily ritual, allowing one’s self to embrace expression on the spectrum that makes them explicitly themselves. Amassing the classic candle collection in the recent launch at Space NK and soon at Harrods, making its debut in the UK.
Indulge into Boy Smells

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