The Art of the Bottle

By Pushkala Pillutla

Perfumes have been in existence since the pyramids, a long and fruitful history of scent exists. The bottles that contain these juices, once a crude clay container now come in varied materials and designs and have often be defined as either feminine or masculine. Somehow, as though the bottle when immediately seen, gives a clue to the ‘sexuality’ of the perfume. For a woman, the containers we associate with them may well be delicate, pretty, elegant and decorative vessels; whereas for men we think differently, we may well think structured, angular, bold and graphic. Women’s bottles are seen as a piece of decoration to sit ‘prettily’ on a dressing table, whilst the men’s containers seem far more as ‘practical’. Why? Can’t men have fun with their bottles too? New Releases from several brands put the bottle design centre stage as a celebration of the fragrance within.Read about it here in The Art of the Bottle

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As Autumn turns its eyes towards the Christmas holidays new scents are coming to the market. Refreshingly these new men’s scents have bottles that are exciting and dynamic and break the mould of our perception of the scents containers. Let’s enjoy a flash of lightning, a Robot and a Golden Crown or even a swim in the ocean. The art of the bottle design comes into its own.

Phantom by Paco Rabanne

As a word ‘Phantom’ itself means something which is not usually seen or found; hence it is a great name for this new fragrance. The latest perfume by Paco Rabanne comes in an unexpected encasement. Shaped in a retro 1960’s style robot all dressed in silver. A silver nod to the futuristic heritage of the brand.

And the juice inside? an energizing flash of bright lemon with grassy vetiver, with a hint of irresistible creamy lavender and woody vanilla finale.

Scandal, Love Match by Jean-Paul Gaultier

A boxer has the aura of a King. A boxer is so much more than the punches he throws in the ring. This is the story behind the new fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier. The King of the Ring, a party to celebrate the winner.

The bottle luxurious, a significant weight in the hand, imposing, clear, and like a boxing ring, not square. The lid a champion’s crown of the king, Perfect to hold, like a talisman. With the case, all red velvet, crimson, bordeaux, ruby, garnet; think hand in glove of the boxer here.

And the fragrance A very modern woody oriental. Opening with a punch, of course, find freshness with sage and full-fruit mandarin, with their pulp and seeds included. The centre, the heart of the perfume, finds an overdose of addictive tonka bean, to create a truly delectable skin-like note, whilst finishing the round with sensual vetiver and a vibrant force of freshly cut wood.

Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera

Next, meet Bad boy, Le Perfum by Carolina Herrera. It comes in a matte black bottle shaped like a thunderbolt. The shape chosen to emphasise the juice enclosed. The attitude, power, heroic, bold, this bad boy, breaking the rules when necessary.

The Bad Boy an experience with every spray. From the opening first gush of energy via grapefruit and citrus fruit with an unusual hemp accord with the heart find black pepper and geranium leaf giving a masculine floral note. Finally the final showdown leads to a sexy leather accord with delicious vetiver.

This last new fragrance may be slightly more classic in the bottle style but does bring a rush of freshness with it.


“Ocean”, a word itself that describes the deep and still unexplored mysterious waters that surround our world. With an ombre effect of blue and black, coming with a complete contrast with that signature slash of the red label from Prada.

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The fragrance features a bright cocktail of qualitative citrus with a racy duo of lavender and sage to create a clean and fresh halo. Giving it a cutting-edge mask of elegant creaminess from the orris notes; the fragrance offers an addictive and masculine trail.

Art and design, of course, do not have a designated gender, so why shouldn’t perfume bottles all be works of art, crafted and beautifully designed? These new scents are as dynamic to look at as they are to smell, the bottles as desirable as a Object D’art something to keep long after the perfume is used.

For more information on these scents, please visit Prada.Com, Carolina, Jean Paul Gaultier.Com and Paco Rabanne.Com

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